Here is week 18’s installment of Fat-2-Fit.  Shari Fitness, one of our consultants has this week’s feature on a very hot topic about ‘hCG’ because of its monumental popularity.   Last week’s Expo, “THE ARNOLD” has kept all of our experts and contributors busy, though it has also produced some amazing news on product, foods, and supplements.   Next Week your lazy, hard-headed, beer drinking, cake eating guinea pig will measure his results and post the expert answers to this week’s feature and questions.

The hCG Diet is making a lot of headlines in the news. Some people are calling it a weight loss miracle, while others are calling it a scam. Where do you stand on the hCG Diet?

Are there any other products, good or bad that may have claims you want to endorse or discredit?

Lately, I’ve been seeing and hearing more and more coverage about the hCG diet.  Some people are claiming it’s a weight loss miracle and others have been claiming it’s one of the biggest scams happening in the weight loss industry.

I recently had the opportunity to talk with one of the leading scientists in the fitness industry, Will Brink, about the hCG Diet.  Will and I both agree that this is without a doubt, one of the biggest scams ever.

First of all, hCG is a hormone given to women to improve fertility, NOT for weight loss. The hormone is administered via injection by a doctor and cost around $1,500.00 per shot, learn more reading this post about the hormone pellet therapy process. You can also ask experts that provide Hormone Replacement Therapy in San Antonio.

Here’s where the “diet” part comes in.  Essentially, you are consuming 500 calories per day which is unsustainable and very harmful to your health.  With a daily caloric intake of 500 calories per day, your body is not only missing essential nutrients, but the weight you will lose is primarily muscle, tissue and water…. NOT bodyfat which is what you want to lose.

If you’re looking to lose Body Fat safely and effectively, I highly recommend you check out Will Brink’s e-book, Fat Loss Revealed. If you want faster results, you can also look into laser lipo procedures like this Smart Lipo in Cedar Knolls, NJ.


On 500 calories per day (which is insane and I still can’t believe that any so called “health practitioner” would put someone on a 500 calorie a day diet), you will have very low energy and, will not be able to build lean muscle via exercise (muscle is what gives the body shape, is metabolic and burns body fat).

For additional information on the hCG diet, I recommend you read these articles in the New York Times and

And now, without further ado, check out my very candid conversation with Will Brink about the hCG Diet. Please be sure to click the “Like” Button and share this!!!


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