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Kids Learn To Take A Powerful Stand To End Bullying In GWINNETT.

“Did you know that most bullying is verbal and can easily be thwarted with easy to learn skills?”


A local community leading personal development center is saying “Enough!” to school age bullying.  They will be holding free bully proof private classes to help end the bullying epidemic in the local school systems.


In these private classes kids learn how to handle these situations in a safe and fun environment.  The program focuses on teaching kids:


o   To walk in such a way to avoid bullying before it starts

o   To stop a bully in his tracks without knocking the bully out.

o   Learn and practice the skills needed to defuse the situation.

o   Understand their boundaries and how to defend without resorting to aggressive behavior


Children who are victims of bullying generally turn inwards.  They become afraid to try things and shy away from social activities.  This can have a profound effect on their decision making in adult hood and can often stand in the way of their personal success.


APPALACHIAN KARATE ACADEMY ATLANTA has broken this cycle by offering these free private classes. “In the past we have seen amazing results as kids learn these tricks to thwart bullies.” Says Larry Bullard, owner of APPALACHIAN KARATE ACADEMY ATLANTA on Sugarloaf Parkway in Lawrenceville.  Tim Conkel, Chief instructor and world champion, says “These skills are very easy to learn and can lead to a tremendous boost to the kid’s self confidence.”


For information or to attend a free private class please contact APPALACHIAN KARATE ACADEMY ATLANTA 404-644-2973.  3157 Sugarloaf Parkway.  Lawrenceville.  30045.

Bully Proof classes are slated at a time that is mutually agreeable.

For Information Packed Interview, Please Contact

Mr. Larry at 404-644-2973.

Free Bully Proff Class
Call 404-644-2973 and schedule your free private bully proof class.


Offer Expires: 4/30/2011


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