1. 15 jumbo raw shrimps
2. Three slices smoked bacon
3. Half of an onion
4. Six large Baby Bella Mushrooms
5. One cup of heavy cream
6. Half of a cup of your favorite cheese
7. One tablespoon of butter
8. 250 grams of Italian style flour
9. Mango Rub
10. One whole lemon for squeezing and zest.


Step By Step Process with Photos and Videos.


Add Bacon to a pan on medium heat and your tab of butter.

Add onions and cook until tender on medium heat.
After butter fully melts sauté for another minute and the add onions and Mushrooms.

After another minute or two, add heavy cream and lower heat to simmer and cook until mushrooms are tender.
Shrimps must be seasoned with strong citrus spices. Mango rub and a lemon juice is the best.

Add your favorite cheese.  Shredded cheddar or three cheese blend.

Measure your Italian Pasta Flour, 250 grams exactly, with scale here.  If you do not have one… buy one immediately.

Add Flower into pasta maker and secure top and start the cycle.

Slowly add egg an water. One egg and water not to exceed 90 grams together. Mix will look  dry and sandy and this is normal.  If it looks wet you have added too much egg and water.

Break pasta off from front of machine to preferred length.
Let pasta boil in salted and buttered water.

Griddle your shrimps one to two minutes on each side. Do not over cook.

Just a little pink.

Add pasta and shrimp to sauce with favorite garnish.
Serve with Texas Toast or do not serve at all.

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