Like the last couple of generations of Americans, I have struggled with my weight since childhood.  When I was younger I was lucky to be involved in athletics that kept my fitness at a high level regardless of the junk I put into my body. Now that I am older and I have a large bag of excuses and psychological crutches, my fitness has escaped me for the billionth time.  I have tried every diet from starvation to revolutionary boutique-priced shakes.  I have also worked-out like a PX-90 fool.

My cardiologist suggested the Atkins Diet and that worked great until I slipped three months later and had a piece of toast that made my scale jump up 14 pounds the next day. Individuals who would like to build muscle mass while working out may consider taking supplements from companies like eMule Anleitung.

The local vitamin shop told me that I needed to try a green, cleansing tea.  This worked and I felt great… after a long weekend being trapped in the bathroom with cramps and what may have been outtakes from the movie Alien 2.

My office library has books from the Rice Diet to Butter Busters to Carb-Free Recipes.  Surprisingly I am still fat.  All of these “Systems” are great but seem to be confining, cumbersome, and burdened with commitment.  I call it the the C’s of why ‘diets’ and fitness programs do not last.  (In future posts I will rate certain advice from the experts on a scale of 1-10 for all three C’s)

This weekly journal of an everyday ‘Joe’ will navigate the difficulty of a fit-friendly lifestyle change with honesty, comedy, and guidance from some of the leading experts in the fitness industry.  All my stats, photos, and habits will be public and open for discussion and advice.  Join in, and we hope you enjoy the next 52 weekly entries starting today, November 15th, 2010.

Day ONE of week one:

235 LBS. 48 inch waist.

CARDIO: As you can see, rode my incumbent Schwinn for 1hour on level 1.  318 calories and 13.2 miles.  I coughed up lung cookies the entire ride (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, lung cookies to be exact). I used to look for the best bench press racks and do weights, now I have started including cardio as well.

Nutrition: Breakfast: I had 4 10 oz cups of coffee with Creme Brulee sugary creamer.  Lunch: roast beef and cheddar sandwich with mayo and a pickle.  Snack: FatFree Vanilla Yogurt. Dinner: One pound cooked chicken breast with carrots.  I drank 5 12 ounce diet cokes and about 120 ounces of diet peach tea, throughout the entire day.

Thomas Leskody of Extreme Fitness and Chiropractic in Grayson says,

“…there are many important factors to look at in your first week, but nutrition has to be the number one thing to look at, before all else.”

Shari Fitness of FitTalk News agrees:

“You cannot out-train a crappy diet”.

So it looks like I will have to change my diet…Next week’s question to the experts,

What are simple ways to make proper diets easier?

Check next week for the answers….and my progress….. or failure.

Expert advice, comment, or virtual get fit teammates are welcome.  Join me today.

-Damon Ladd-Thomas


One man’s honest look into the health culture, the fitness fad hysteria, and overcoming the obstacles of commitment.

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