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So experts, what is the most common excuse you hear from folks keeping them from their fitness goals? What is your solution to remove that obstacle when you hear it?


Bonnie Talley Pfiester

1.) I’m just too busy
2.) I don’t know what to do
3.) I don’t know how to eat right
4.) I don’t have the time
5.) I don’t have the money
6.) I just don’t have the motivation

My answer:
“For everyone that thinks they have a good excuse why they aren’t working on their fitness goals, I can give you someone in your same situation who has more kids, more jobs, more stress, more physical limitations and more legitimate obstacles – who reached their goal because they MADE it happen and made it a priority in their life.”

No More Excuses!

Bonnie Pfiester
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Andi Dunlop

The top 3 excuses I hear:
1. I don’t have time
2. I’m too tired
3. It’s boring

For the first excuse, well, we’re all busy! I usually get these people on a specific 30-day challenge I have to get their time under control and in order. They’re usually amazed at how much time they have after this challenge!

Unless someone is extremely sleep deprived, exercise should be done when tired and it actually gives you energy. For those who are bored, I find out what they like to do and get them on a program that focuses on what they really enjoy while at the same time adding lots of variety in that particular exercise interest.

Ultimately, the motivation must be intrinsic. I can give them a plan, a program, and all the tools for success but they must find it within themselves to use it. It must be their choice if they want to succeed.


Teryl Worster

One of the biggest obstacles that I hear is that clients don’t’ have time to exercise. This is a bigger problem for most people than money or motivation. I have created a program that is only 30 minutes long that works the entire body using resistance bands. This is my “excuse proof” workout as it covers time, space and

Financial concerns. The band and the booklet are only $23.00 and it is designed for all levels of fitness. When a client can use these anywhere and anytime, it helps take away the excuse of not having time, as eve 15 minutes of this a few days a week will help provide results!




Debbie Barker

What I hear most often is that they don’t have the time. Here’s what you really need to do each week:
*1 day of super slow workout – takes 30 minutes
*1 to 2 days of Peak 8 cardio (mercola website) – takes 19 minutes.
*3 days of “regular” cardio for 30 to 40 minutes.
– Put ALL your workout clothes (including socks & sneakers) out the night before so you have no excuse in the morning. Maybe it’s time to set up some short term (4 week) goals & reward yourself when you accomplish them.



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Shari Fitness

The most common excuse I hear all the time from people as to why they don’t exercise is because they don’t have time. My answer to that is:  We all have the same 24 hours. There’s always someone busier than you are who finds time to exercise.

Exercise has always been very important to me and no matter what is going on in my life, I have kept the same appointment with myself consistently over the years as my time to workout.  I schedule everyone and everything else around it.  I simply tell people that I’m not available and I am always able to schedule an appointment, event, etc., at a mutually agreeable time.

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Yogini Valarie Devi

“I’m not fit enough to do Yoga.” Oh .. the irony! 😀

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