At the end of Nine Weeks, I am 10 pounds lighter and have completely leveled out. I was less than strict with my diet during the Atlanta Snowpocalypse. I added a couple more cheat days per week and was not consistent with my cardio.
With that being said I am feeling more fit and I am enjoying my non-cardio workouts more. Hopefully I am adding muscle to help increase my metabolism. More weights and less cardio are on the schedule for the next two weeks.
When I first started this series, I had referenced the 3 C’s.  Confiningcumbersome, and burdened with commitment. This will be the way I rank each workout and diet system as I attempt them for 2-4 week periods throughout this year.

The Bar, Band and PSD’s I referenced in last week’s feature, FAT-2-FIT 9 has added some mass to my upper body.  Confining 8, Cumbersome 8, Commitment 6.

Lowering my carb intake and adding more veggies and less sugars was Confining 10, Cumbersome 10, Commitment 12 (Out of 10).

Week 10:

Diet-Continue stripping more carbs and sugars out of the diet.  I will also be giving up beer until I reach the goal of sub 200 lbs.  At this rate that will be in 25 weeks.  G-D help me.

Exercise-Less cardio more weights and muscle fatiguing.  Shari Fitness has advised that my hour long cardio routines need to be cut in half to just 30 minutes 4 times a week.

Question for the experts for next week:

It is agreed that a proper diet is what is needed to reach fitness goals, Tell us what is a proper diet, in your opinion?

Damon Ladd-Thomas (36 Posts)