I’m at the Mohawk Mountain ski lodge in Cornwall, Connecticut. Down jacket (with a trendy Tory Burch vest underneath)? Check. Stylish winter boots? Check. New Bogner fleece? Check. Skis? Well…

OK. I’m not a skier. I promised my friend, Gloria, I’d take lessons in a couple of weeks so I can keep her company while our kids ski down the mountain together but today? My son’s learning to snowboard. Me? It’s -1 degrees! Enough said.

I’m in the lodge. I’m at a sunny spot, my laptop all set up, already enjoying some schmooze time with someone I know. Having learned from past mistakes of meal unpreparedness at places like this, joining me at the table are a banana, apple, some rice cake thins. Nothing monumental, but staples. Well, who knew I overplanned! (Though it’s far more typical of me to do so.)

As I stood at the counter to order my toasted English muffin with peanut butter (makes me feel like a kid again), I grabbed a cup of hot, black coffee (though there were plenty of teas to choose from as well.) Packets of instant oatmeal were available, as were peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on whole wheat bread, bagels, toast and an assortment of dry cereals. Of course I browsed my lunch choices while I waited for my things and I saw an array of salad choices, vegetable soup, and my absolute favorite ski lodge indulgence, french fries. Somehow even if I’m not the one skiing, despite my usually anally retentive cautious eating style, those fries get me every time! They just seem like a must at a place like this ~ sort of like hot cocoa right out of those machines at the ice skating rink (though I’m sure those are not dairy-free!)

Who knew you could be trendy and a vegan at a ski lodge on the east coast? Love it!

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Yonni Wattenmaker (11 Posts)