When these food truck’s come a rollin’ OTP – be sure to check them out. Here’s The Scoop by Scoop OTP website guest contributor Joe Duffy.

Sundry food trends have emerged in contemporary times, but perhaps none has been embraced as much as street food, specifically food trucks with some even applying for liquor licensing to serve alcoholic beverages. In addition, farmers markets have increased exponentially in part due to the fact they have in reality evolved into food events.Farmers markets in these parts have almost become a misnomer with food vendors adding to the assortment of options.

Will food trucks reach a saturation point in OTP and bear the destiny of many fly-by-night frozen yogurt retailers appearing and disappearing quietly, much like growler stores appear to be on the precipice of? Or are they more apt to mirror burger shops ostensibly immune from ever jumping the shark?

These taste buds have both confidence in and cheer for the latter thanks to these premier food trucks ubiquitous at OTP events. Here is the scoop on the Top 10 food truck options:

10) SnoBayou-Our favorite dessert truck. Personable owners Miranda and Samantha construct New Orleans style snoballs (do not call then snow cones if you know what’s good for you). Snoballs are much finer than carnival snow cones both literally and figuratively. Any comparison to SnoBayou is a crime against palate humanity.

They are idyllic when topped with SnoBayou’s own homemade ice cream.

9) The Bento Bus-Rice bowls and Asian tacos are among the possibilities offered by the Japanese inspired cuisine supplier. Hey, they impart that their food is healthy. Who knew advantageous vittles can be savory?

8) Ibiza BitesThey boast as being, “The first and only Atlanta-based movie caterer.” Thus no need for starving actors as Ibiza bills themselves as “SoLa,” a combination of Southern and Latin cuisine. Though not listed on their permanent menu, their lobster roll with diced vegetables is an inimitable and unique twist on the Kennebunkport staple. It was likely the “La” influence as their adaptation is to lobster rolls what Brazilian style is to potato salad.

7) Blaxican-Declared by Mobile Cuisine as “Food Truck Restaurant of the Year” in the USA. Having wolfed their creations several times at both their brick and mortar location and their food truck, I will profess to being a bit startled by such a lofty accolade, but no reservation that they are among the elite in metro Atlanta.

Demonstrating a magnificent sense of humor embracing the slang term used to describe a person of African-American and Mexican ancestry, their “Mexican soul food,” reveals the culinary chops to match their funny bone.

6) Meating Street Barbecue-“Meating” Street, get it? Okay, are they technically a food truck? Commencing as a caterer and doubling as a food vender at events such as Alive After 5 Roswell, proprietor B.K. is a long-time wine vendor in the restaurant industry now pursuing his dream as a pitmaster.

With designs to eventually open a restaurant, this apprentice will be among the upmost barbecue players in the state soon. Seek them out before they become renowned.

5) Tasting Maine-Chief rival Cousins Maine Lobster also assembles some righteous lobster rolls. However Tasting Maine is our favorite by a thin margin. Talk about super chic, Tasting Maine coalesces two panache foodie movements to explode in metro in recent years: food trucks and lobster rolls.

4) Viet Nomie’s-Substantial parts of OTP have graduated from culinary wastelands to foodie havens in less than a decade. Conspicuous by its absence however is bánh mi (Vietnamese style sandwiches). Said delicacy seems to remain an ITP Buford Highway exclusive.

Conversely, Nomie has reformed that detail with frequent excursions to the suburbs, clearly hailed by OTPers waiting in long lines and justifiably so.

3) Wow (Wonderlicious on Wheels)From arepas to bowls–generally a choice of meat with a combination of potatoes or grits and other toppings–Wow was among the early entries into the food truck craze.

With high quality Latin inspired cuisine, they remain among the premier selections that just make one want to shout, “Wow.”

2) Yumbii-Among the pioneers and claiming to be Atlanta’s first food truck, their Asian tacos always hit the spot, especially the short rib and spicy incarnations. Owner Carson Young endures among the premier street food visionaries.

1) Happy Belly-While this prestigious list is dominated by ethnic “inspired” and fusion cuisine, Happy Belly is straightforward American chow smoked on a Big Green Egg. Tragically founder Terry Hall succumbed to cancer, but his legacy lives on in the happy bellies of foodies.

Though no longer as punctilious in recent years (if an event starts at 5 o’clock, expect them to still be getting ready at 5:10), they remain on top of the heap with a menu of goodness that varies seasonably next to https://www.royalvending.com.au/vending-machine-locations-for-sale/ and their affordable and tasty food.

When not eating, which is rare, the author Joe Duffy is CEO of AJA Enterprises home to premier sports handicapping website OffshoreInsiders.com. The newest addition to the company is DuffyVideo.com, specializing in Bar Mitzvah video montages, company logos for small businesses and more.  Joe has also written for Atlanta.Eater.com.

Scoop OTP also got The Scoop on a new food truck that was featured on Shark Tank,Cousins Maine Lobster, and they just started attending Roswell’s Food Truck Park.  If you get a chance to drive ITP, visit the main food truck park in Atlanta.