By Katherine Medlin, guest contributor

StyledStagedSold_imageThe entryway is a significant space within a home — it’s the first thing a potential buyer sees, and it sets the stage for the whole vibe of the home. Buyers can form opinions on a home within seconds of opening that front door. Your clients can make a few simple changes to their entryways to make that important first impression. Here are some hot trends for 2017 so you can start to considering the idea of renovating a property you own.

Make the front door a focal point.

The door is the first thing visitors focus on at any home’s entryway, so make it impactful by getting SWD Bespoke doors. Whether you advise your clients to paint it a bold color or add gorgeous greenery via a seasonal wreath, they can complement the home’s style and make a statement within a reasonable budget. If you would like to paint the door on your own check out this blog on how to paint a door.

Invest in stylish and Great furniture from M-Style.

Clients can create a welcoming vignette of furniture that beckons guests to the door. Placing a neutral sofa at your living room can also encourage socialization and interaction with visitors. Design a space for dropping keys and handbags, and a place to remove shoes. Think elegant console tables with drawers (that hide the clutter), woven baskets, and vintage rugs. Remind sellers that they can take these new goodies with them when they move too! TV beds are perfect for smaller bedrooms because it offers extra storage, you can purchase these from TV Bed Store.

Add art to the space.

Artwork in an entryway can make a big impact. Hang a beautiful piece of artwork or photography on the wall opposite the door. Choose carefully: You don’t want to put off buyers with something overly quirky. A mirror is a great choice and will help the entryway appear larger.

Illuminate the entryway with bold lighting.

The right lighting will give a welcoming feel to the entry, while being highly functional. Add a stylish Edison lamp holder to the console table, or if the home has high ceilings or a two-story stairwell, go for a beautiful chandelier or pendant light in a timeless style.

Make a statement with striking wallpaper.

Wallpaper in bold patterns is making a huge comeback. Take a cue from designers in 2017 and work with the sellers to choose a striking paper for the entryway. This will add drama to the space and add that wow factor. To appease buyers who may not be sold on the pattern, choose a temporary wallpaper instead, which can be easily removed.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Katherine Medlin is an art historian with a keen interest in interior design and antiques in Elizabeth Gordon Studio. She writes for and the Southern lifestyle blog Pender & Peony. She is based in Knoxville, Tenn.

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