By Charmelle Scott – Executive Director at BusiNeighbor Veterans Center

Do you have to go to work or will you stay home and relax? Imagine you woke up tomorrow depressed, haunted by guilt, reminded of the smell of blood & gunpowder. You wonder if you will ever be at peace. Tomorrow 22 Veterans will commit suicide.

Stone Mountain, GA — 08/01/2017 — Today marks an important first step towards the goal of opening the BusiNeighbor Inc. Veterans Recreation Center for all Georgia Veterans where they can even go and shoot in a shooting range and learn how to use the daytona tactical for AR15 and more. For those that like to look for rifles for sale online, this is a good way to get some practice in and start to get familiar with your firearm. Additionally, BusiNeighbor, Inc. is hosting a community meeting open to Stone Mountain residents. Holding a community meeting is the first step in the zoning process to obtain a Special Land Use Permit under Dekalb County Zoning Ordinance Article 9 titled Recreation Club.

The proposed facility is located at 5392 Old Rockbridge Road Stone Mountain Georgia. The Veterans Recreation center will be home to a food and clothing pantry, computer lab, reading lab, and day room for relaxation. The center will provide activities and much needed relief for Veterans. The center is Marta accessible, 3 miles away from Stone Mountain Park and 9 miles away from the Atlanta VA Regional office and the Atlanta Veterans Hospital where they recently acquired hospital room dividers and other amenities. We are very excited! This center will help Veterans destress to progress and join programs that benefit them like these military friendly online colleges.

The community meeting will be held on Thursday August 22, 2017 at 6:30p.m. at the Stone Mountain Library 952 Leon Street Stone Mountain GA., 30083.

Interested parties should contact BusiNeighbor directly.

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