Freshly Prepared Gourmet Takeout for Today’s Fast-Paced Lifestyle

Christophe’s To Go is your one-stop destination for gourmet chef-prepared meals that you can just pop into the oven. The delicious entrées coming out of their kitchen are freshly made to deliver the experience of a home-cooked meal. They marry delectable flavor with good nutrition. There are plenty of choices to appeal to a range of personal tastes and preferences. Their unique service concept caters to today’s fast-paced lifestyle without compromising health, and costs less than restaurant fine dining.

What makes our food healthy and wholesome?

The average microwave meals from your grocer’s freezer are packed with preservatives. When consumed in small quantities, preservatives do not harm you. But if you rely on packed and ready-to-eat meals often, the significant amount of preservatives can have an adverse effect on your health. This is why Christophe’s emphasizes zero preservatives. Their daily meal preparation is designed to provide healthy options featuring natural colors and flavors from fresh seasonal ingredients, rather than lab-manufactured chemicals. You won’t find frozen or fried food at their store either – the meal you buy today was prepared today for quick consumption because fresh just tastes better. They like their food very healthy, and believe you do too.

Johns Creek Perfect Health Score

A perfect health inspection score! Now that is appealing!

Does the menu have something for everyone?

Their menu is extensive and they’re always working away in their kitchen (which they love!!!) to create the next delicious addition to their menu. Want a vegetarian meal that is just as appealing to the eyes as it is mouth-watering to your taste buds? Think a colorful salad will make you more productive after lunch? Wish you could get your little one to chow down on healthy protein without a fuss? Christophe’s To Go has got you covered. From kids’ entrées, to lunch and breakfast menus, to desserts, soups, salads, drinks, and everything in between, Christophe’s menu is vast and versatile.

They understand that you may have specific dietary requirements. You are sure to find something on their menu that suits your food preferences. Christophe’s options include paleo, gluten-free, and organic meals. Since items are individually portioned, each member of your family can enjoy a different meal.

Every item on the menu has detailed ingredient and nutrition information. You can use this information to guide your purchase decision to accommodate your tastes and nutritional preferences.

How can Christophe’s To Go serve you?

Christophe’s To Go provides catering services for various occasions. Upon request, they can also put you in touch with professional event planners to help ensure that your guests feel welcome and appreciated. They also accept large orders for businesses and institutions. Modern refrigerated trucks deliver freshly prepared food to each of their stores everyday. Efficient logistics and order-taking ensures that your gourmet meal reaches you on time every time.

Gluten free take-out in Johns Creek

Johns Creek, Brookhaven, Sandy Springs.

Just how eco-responsible are they?

They are constantly exploring ways to incorporate green practices into their day-to-day processes. Their healthy food is neatly placed in fully compostable containers made from plant fiber and other sustainable material. The utensils and bags are fully compostable and recyclable.

Meals from Christophe’s To Go are attractive, delicious, and offer excellent value as well. Visit one of their stores to see what you’d like to take home today! Christophe’s To Go has stores in Johns Creek, Brookhaven, and Sandy Springs Georgia.

Christophe's To Go Gluten Free Take-Out

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