March 14th, 2014

Loganville, GA – Saving for retirement is a lifelong venture that requires hard work, significant forethought and dedication, this post explains everything about retirement planning. However, significant knowledge of the financial industry can help ensure a financial strategy that compliments your individual portfolio. One of the reasons people save up for retirement is because they want to live on a beautiful and meaningful community such as the one found on Living in the best assisted senior living facility they have access to when can make a huge difference in their quality of life. For example, have you heard about this senior assisted living Plainview, NY? It is a lovely place for senior citizens to live, an experience not unlike being on vacation and staying at a nice hotel. You can visit the site to get an idea. Of course, the personnel is trained to watch over everyone and ensure their good health, but the better part of the day will be spent having a good time. It’s what you work hard for so many years for. You can find more info online on retirement community options. 

“Saving for retirement can seem daunting when the end goal appears so significant or distant,” said Damon Ladd-Thomas, Investment Professional of Damon Ladd-Thomas Wealth Management. “However, with an organized strategy and achievable objectives, saving for a comfortable retirement is a possibility.”

Ladd-Thomas says it is important to get familiar with resources that are available, such as employer-sponsored 401(k) plans, employer pension plans, social security benefit. You can find more information from this source.

“Often, there are actions people can take to enhance their retirement savings strategy requiring little to no effort. The hardest part is becoming aware of these resources and taking advantage of them,” said Ladd-Thomas.

There are also certain rules, regulations and policies that vary among retirement plans which could impact individual saving strategies significantly. Knowing the difference between traditional, Roth IRAs, Gold IRAs, and becoming familiar with 401(k) withdrawal penalties can have substantial impacts. Check out this review of Rosland gold IRA company to know if they’re the right company for you, is recommended to do a training on How to buy gold bullion before trying the industry. You can also visit sites like for additional guidance.

“In a world of ever-changing government rules and requirements, consulting a financial professional for help when it comes to saving for retirement can save time, money and hassle,” said Ladd-Thomas.

Damon Ladd-Thomas Wealth Management is a local financial practice serving the needs of families, small business owners and retirees. With more than 19 years in the business, Ladd-Thomas is an experienced professional with the skills and knowledge many need to help plan for their financial future.

Securities offered through NEXT Financial Group Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC. Damon Ladd-Thomas Wealth Management is not an affiliate of NEXT Financial Group Inc. Damon Ladd-Thomas Wealth Management is located at 305 Cooper Road Suite# 200; Loganville, GA 30052. P: 404.477.401K.

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