My Grandma’s 5 Golden Rules

Corporate Branding

    1. Catch their eye to catch a fabulous guy.  A face with perfect make-up will always attract a larger audience.  Spend time on the colorful and attractive details. Who remembers the plain and sloppy?

Brand and Logo are the make-up of your company.

    1. Your shoes always have to match your purse. Coordination of accessories is actually called a “Smart-Dressed” Woman, for a reason.

Coordinate the accessories of your business. Your business name, logo, website, and marketing have to match.  It is a must to also coordinate your vision, what you do, and how you want to be remembered. For logo guidance and options click over here.

    1. If you are looking for a partner in your life make sure you are attracting the proper flock and stock.

Are you attracting your target clients/customers?  Does your brand attract the customers you are looking for?

    1. If you are making a New Year’s resolution, choose wisely.  It better be the right one.

Are you changing your company’s mission, vision, or philosophy?   How will you communicate that in your brand and does it affect your company’s profit margins in a positive way?  Are you sure? You’d better be.

    1. From time to time every lady should spice it up by changing to a new hair cut/color, changed lipstick and shoes, to even new unmentionables (little architecture).

Can a rebrand or some fresh details to your logo, website, or marketing campaign reenergize your sales?  Talk to a marketing professional and find out.

…and the extra bonus rule #6 for everyone is  ALWAYS LISTEN TO GRANDMA!

Don’t rebrand too often. Maybe you can re-market, instead. Be careful not to confuse your audience.

Rebranding will not solve internal problems of your company, nor will it solve your personal issues. Depression, laziness, and bad marketing/sales techniques cannot be changed by any marketing firm. You will have to get your act together internally or maybe through therapy.


Taty (125 Posts)