WorkahopJoin Jennifer Smith Yoga for a breakthrough, 4-part yoga workshop experience at Atlanta Hot Yoga…

-Use the strength of your legs effectively
-Harness the power of Bandhas
-Learn and Perfect Transitions from Asana to Asana in Practice
-Protect Your Shoulders and Back during Practice

In this 4-part series of workshops you will master the basics of practice through the exploration of various key foundational aspects of alignment, from transitions (namaskar, vinyasa), standing asana, strength builders, forward folds and backbends.

Each segment builds on its predecessor, and within Jennifer encourages and guides students to delve deeply through foundational aspects of practice which inevitably lead to meaningful and lasting transformation, on and off the mat.

-Workshops 1 & 2 emphasize breath, band has, surya namaskar, and standing asanas.
-Workshop 3: Features teachings on seated asanas, including forward folds, twists and strength builders.
-Workshop 4: You will be led toward the bliss and artful grasp of inversions and backbends.

For best results, we recommend students take part in all yoga workshops, however, this is not a requirement.

Homework is assigned. Each session is suitable for ALL levels of practitioner, and whether you are a novice or experienced yogi, there’s plenty to learn and explore. The novice will be provided a template for safe, strong, flexible practice and the experienced yogi will learn to master the fundamentals which directly translate to an “advanced”, sustainable, inspired, deep asana practice.

$40 per session


WORKSHOP 2: Saturday, February 7th * 3:00 – 5:15PM
WORKSHOP 3: Saturday, February 21 * 3:00 – 5:15PM
WORKSHOP 4: Saturday, March 21st * 3:00 0 5:15PM


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