Loganville-Grayson Patch posed questions to each candidate running for New District 105 in Georgia’s House of Representatives.

Here are Damon’s answers.

1. What are your professional qualifications for the office you seek?
I am a Business Owner, Financial Advisor, Small Business Consultant and Advocate in this district.
My degree is in Economics and I live here, work here, coach here, and founded the local Georgia Commerce Club to help support local businesses.

2. What is the biggest problem facing your potential constituents in this area and how do you think you can best address it if elected?
We have a residential and commercial real estate problem in this district that is hampering economic growth, the look of our communities, and revenue for our county and state. This is negatively affecting local job creation, economic growth, and the budgets for our schools.
Our solution is to initially reduce inhibiting legislation and bureaucratic red tape for any ideas that can positively impact our communities.

3. Each of you have one primary opponent, what makes you better qualified than him or her to move on to the general election in November.
We have been on the ground from Loganville, through Grayson, to Lawrenceville and beyond helping businesses and residents looking for support and solutions. I have a youthful, can-do positive attitude and I am ready to be the voice of this district for many years to come. I have a ten year plan on legislation that will positively impact the new House District 105.
4. What made you decide to seek this office?
I was called upon by my peers, neighbors, family, local business owners and My Party to impart our common sense solutions-based approach to issues and continue our efforts in moving this area forward not only through our non-profit but through participation as a Representative in our State Government.

5. A brief wrap up on why you think the voters should elect you for the job?
We need uniquely new ideas for our ever changing area that can compete and work congruently with, the future legislation in the State House. Government should always support and never hinder or create obstacles for its residents, investors, and businesses.
In this Primary, there is no one more invested in this community, its schools, and the local economy than I. When elected, I will continue to be completely available to all of my constituents for all of their concerns and ideas to keep Gwinnett Great.

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Fact: Damon is the only candidate  for New District 105 in Georgia’s House of Representatives who truly cares about you.

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