With 8 weeks of life changing fitness and diet behind me we are about to turn up the fitness lifestyle a notch and I have enlisted a workout partner and some new routines.

My new workout partner, who also doubles as a ‘dumbell/barbell’ is my super strong and supportive 8 year old daughter Emma Kathleen.

This past week and throughout week Nine, we will continue: CARDIO, DIET, and WEIGHT TRAINING.

Cardio-5, one hour cardio sessions alternating on the recumbent Schwinn and Tread Mill.

Diet– We have given up artificial sweeteners and have limited our ‘carbs’ and sugars intake.

Weights– This is the newest addition to our routine.  Three workout systems performed daily that are a combination of some various workouts.  They consist of PSD’s (Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, and Dips), The Bar (45 Pound Flat Bar or 80 pound daughter), The Band (Elastic Surgical Tubing). Each exercise is done 3 sets of 12-30 reps.  This workout takes about 30 minutes and should leave you gasping for air and grabbing for the Advil.

Here are some photos of how the workouts look.   Thanks to my super fit partner Emma Kathleen for modeling and helping create this photographic instruction gallery.  (Check out her perfect form doing dips.)

Damon Ladd-Thomas (36 Posts)