If you’re not afflicted with Bob Dylan, click here.

I just got through listening to Dylan’s Christmas album, all the way through, for the seventh time since Christmas. Up to about the fifth time, I was thinking—Bob Dylan. Doing Christmas songs. Uh, yeah. Then, somewhere during the fifth go-round, it got to me—this is vintage Dylan. It’s good!

He has done the whole Christmas catalog with a Christmas blues and a Christmas polka thrown in for grins. Competent arrangements, orchestrated without irony, and Dylan’s voice, weaving in and out miraculously. Sure, the voice is ruined, but he plays it the same way he plays his wild harmonica. He hits every note right, unexpectedly. If you’re truly Dylan afflicted—get it, hear it, like it. Even if it’s not Christmas.




Extra credit: on which cut does Dylan sing: “Ho, Ho, Ho!”?


Larry Blumen is an innovative author with a dryer-than-dry sense of humor.  His debut book VD Man takes place in 1965, Miami, Florida, a city that has more cases of infectious syphilis than any city in America—a fact the Chamber of Commerce and the Miami Health Department conspire to cover up. Into this sticky wicket stumbles Allen Kravass, who gives up a cushy job in his father’s bank to pursue a career in syphilis eradication with the federal government. Kravass aspires to be a VD man—a sleuth for syphilis.

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