Mark Huff of Quiet Riot Fired as he Lay in the Hospital Waiting on Brain Surgery

Mark Huff of Quiet Riot Fired as he Lay in the Hospital Waiting on Brain Surgery

After my article yesterday on Mark Huff, the now former Quiet Riot singer, fired as he sat in his hospital room having his head shaved for brain surgery; there was a mass pouring of emotions across the internet from fans and friends of Mark Huff. People asking for their money back for tickets they had purchased, and saying they only wanted to go to see Mark, among the many other outcries of anger over his wrong doing. Quiet Riot eventually released a half cocked statement, saying they sent Mark a certified letter and making insinuations that Mark may be lying about being in the hospital.

From QR Facebook page:

“With regards to Mark Huff: My policy has always been not to air out the dirty laundry in public. That policy remains the same even in light of those who chose to make accusations. The fact is that Mr. Huff’s medical condition had nothing to do with the decision that was made though it is unfortunate that it comes at such a time. His wife assured me that Mark would be home this week, and as legal protocol dictated, a certified letter was sent informing Mark of the decision that was made and why it was made. This was days ago. The content of that letter is a private matter unless Mr. Huff decides to make the reason for his dismissal made public which I believe would be counterproductive for him. I will not go tit for tat with this issue. If certain person wish to villainies me, that is their prerogative.”

This statement from the band sent out a rash of angry protests from friends and fans alike, I myself as the writer of the original article that soared the web, ended up in a conversation on MY Facebook page with a certain drummers girlfriend, whom insisted that a certified letter had been sent by them to Mark Huff, and that Mark was lying, which only lit my fuse because I KNOW for a fact that Mark is not lying. After said “girlfriend”, invaded my Facebook, myself and fans started noticing they were deleting any post on their page with the truth and only leaving up the fans words that choose to believe their garbage. My words, of course, were deleted. I mean, who wants the truth right? Banning Fans? Wow guys, that really is the lowest a band can go. Oh, no wait, that was yesterday, when you fired your singer while he was in the hospital for brain surgery, then lied to your fans about it.

Where am I going with this? You know, I myself work in the music industry. I am not some half cocked columnist that doesn’t know what she is doing in music, and I have become pretty tired of the rock star attitude. Guess what people, the fans don’t dig it, nor do the venues, promoters or any other normal thinking person on the planet. How do you know when you have gotten so far up your own arse, and think way too highly of yourself to have any form of judgment on being a normal human being? Ha! Ask QR and a few others, they seem to be great at it. I put this out to you and your “girlfriend” drummer-boy, as I said yesterday, I challenge you to show proof of this so called letter; a real one, no receipt, no faked one, the real letter, with the real signature, and dated. Until then, you might want to rethink how you treat your fans and friends. In the mean time, I will sit here supporting Mark Huff as he goes through this ordeal, alongside his family, whom I guess are lying to the world in your opinion and his friends that are all sitting in the hospital with him right now. Please keep him in your prayers my friends.

Fans have now created a page for Mark to show support for him on Facebook. You can also follow Mark on his Facebook page

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