The beauty of having 52 weeks to attain a goal is how easy it is to get off track.  I have a list of excuses from the Atlanta Snowpocalypse to parenting, time constraints.  Honestly I have to give credit to a certain someone for making Buffalo Wings and ‘Mick’ Ultra’s as a side for the first meal after I swore off beer for the remainder of this series.  The Australian Open Finals and the Super Bowl did not help my commitment to abstain

If I had listened to the experts I would have set some short term goals to keep my focus and allow some little completion endorphins to keep me plodding along.  I checked with my SparkPeople stats and I am 13 pounds behind my goal line.  That is a bunch.  I am so anxious I want to starve myself to get back on track which makes me grab for some ice cream and cheesecake to wash away the starvation scares.

There is a much greater appreciation for how difficult a healthy lifestyle and an increased level of fitness really is.  When I talk to some of the hometown success stories it is even more amazing that anyone wins the battle of the bulge.  After adding 3 more cheat days for a total of 6 out of 7 per week, I have decided to regroup.

Here is a renewed commitment statement.


2. Eat Healthy (Remove one bad diet item every other day.)

3. One Fit Activity a Day.

I would like to ask the readers if they have any questions for the experts for next week’s feature.  Please comment on this article or submit your questions to  I am hoping to have an incredible success story, though it will not be mine for next Monday… It may take that long for me to just lock back in, again.

Damon Ladd-Thomas (36 Posts)