The most recent anti-McDonald’s rhetoric publicized by the recent Happy Meal toy ban in San Francisco did nothing to inhibit the limited-time launch of the ‘poster-child’ sandwich for all this is unhealthy…. The McRib.

Given the recent trend for local and national governments to control all possible intakes and blame Capitalism, Marketing, and Fast Food for all that ails society; I thought I may want to try this almost thirty year old treat before it was banned from legal consumption.  Lord knows an entire generation’s consumption of a lifetime of Happy Meals and McRibs will most certainly bankrupt Obama-Care and we must think ahead.  Before the anxiety of my smothered future freedoms consumed me I thought I may want to do a web search to see about this sandwich.

The McRib has a fabled history that fills an entire Wikipedia page.  This 500+ calorie limited time treat has been pleasing fast food connoisseurs since 1981.  Though it has only been a sporadic seasonal menu item in most places, it is a permanent menu item in all of the German McDonald’s Stores.   You cannot blame the Germans.  What could possibly go better with a McStein of frosty beer than a McRib?  The McBrat?  The ingredients are listed as a ‘Boneless pork patty, barbecue sauce, onions and pickles served on a 6 inch (15.2 cm) roll’.

The ingredients sounded yummy enough,  So I decided to break my common sense dietary rule of getting fat on only home-cooked meals and ice cream to chance a more possibly dangerous fast food obesity, just this once.  I have to tell you that this sandwich was actually tasty even though I have had limited McDonald’s experiences in the last five years, other than the occasional Carmel Mocha Frappuccino (which is very healthy and without calories).

I will say that it tasted like a soft spam sandwich with barbecue sauce, though it lacked any authentic meat coloring.  Spam comes in a beautiful and all natural neon pink color.  Real cooked pork is generally white.  This meat, under all of the pickles, onions and sauce was the color of dead flesh.  This sandwich brand is 30 years old, but hopefully not my particular sandwich.  My advice is just eat without looking.

I was glad to chose my dead flesh, processed meat barbecue sandwich today and I hope the McRib is not banned across America before next year’s 30th Birthday. I am certain there will be much rejoicing next year and I may even make this an annual event… while it is still legal.

-Damon Ladd-Thomas

Damon Ladd-Thomas (36 Posts)