Once again it is time for everyone’s favorite series on Bold and Spicy; starvation and no snacks during the holidays.  Thank goodness it is also time to highlight a Hometown Hero in their quest for life changing fitness.  This is good timing since I have fallen hard off the wagon and have decided that I will gorge on beer and ice cream late at night and then cry myself to sleep with guilt and angry hostility towards my utter weakness.

Danny Cavanaugh is our Super Hero this week and coincidentally he is also the very talented artist who we hired to create our most magnificent and awesome Bull-Head logo and title design for this site.

Before Danny’s Initial Weight-loss.

Danny’s original motivation.
My Motivation now is a good friend of mine Bill, he is a walking result of a man in great shape, so my goal was to get more muscle mass. I had trained in a Boot Camp Class for 4 months and lost around 20lbs and 4 inches in my waist, and after a friend recommended me to buy peptides, I was able to increase my hormones too this helping in building better muscle. I also bought some Isatime products to increase my protein intake. It was a great class and I learned a lot and it showed on my body. I was the smallest I had ever been in a long time, and wanted to bulk up , but do it right all lean muscle, not bulky with all the extra bloated fat.  A good sample to compare would be Hugh Jackman in Wolverine. Bill gave a me all the information I needed to succeed in the right direction.

Danny’s first day, week and initial fitness routine and diet.
Heavy weights, working high intensity routines with 10sec max rest between sets. doing an entire routine in 45 min. 4-5 days a week.  As far as diet, low fats and good fats if that makes sense. minimize your intake of foods filled with preservatives (cand foods) avoid adding salt to your foods, eat whole foods, change your white starches to whole wheat and grains, change white rice to brown rice or quinoa. lots of water. protien 70-100gms for men, 70 for women a day max.


What keeps Danny motivated?

Danny Skinny Before Adding Muscle.

What keeps me motivated- knowing that if I stop doing what I do, I will go back to where I started. That is one place I never want to revisit. I feel great, and healthier than I have ever been In my entire life.

Danny’s current routine fitting into his busy life and how he keeps that routine going.
Current workout – 6 days a week, each day workout one muscle group for 45 min each. 400 reps per day.

Keep changing it up every month to month. Keep shocking the body, no pain, no gain.

Danny’s Results from start to finish.

Starting point was November 2009 – 169lbs, waist 32, BF 11%
Now – 185lbs , waist 33, 11% BF

Bonus: Danny’s Cheat Food?

Cheat food for me and I do this once in a blue moon – cookie dough raw.

Here is Danny’s end result and current look.  Danny is one of the few individuals that can stay

Danny’s More Muscular End Result.

motivated by himself.  Danny did look to professionals like our weekly contributors and enrolls in classes regularly to mix up his routine to keep shocking his body.  Thank you so much Danny for being an inspiration for us and we think you are a fitness superstar.

Don’t be fooled by these photos.  As mean as Danny looks he is one of the nicest, honest and most approachable guys we have ever worked with and have gotten to know as our friend.  Congratulations on your success and you are most certainly Bold and Spicy!

To see more of Danny’s art and design work check him out on his website here Cavanaugh Designs.

Our Fitness Question to the Pro’s and a report on my progress will continue next week.

Have a great Christmas and enjoy some of our featured cocktails…safely of course.

-Damon Ladd-Thomas

From Fat-2-Fit, the series, free contribution to highlight your Home-Town Stars.  We only have 7 spots left for the year (2011).

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