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Today we are going to take a trip over to North Carolina, to the Appalachian area where the music comes streaming off the front porches and down into the valleys below, to a band I have had my eye on for some time. I first caught wind of Big Daddy Love last year when two of the members, Justin and Ashley, came down and sat in with my friend Ralph Rodenberry at a show here near my house in Tucker. We all ended up jamming with a big group of friends at an after party and the guys handed me a CD with the bands name across it and their contact information. Now I usually don’t take the time a lot of times to listen when a CD is presented to me like that, but I figured “What the hay, they were nice guys and I really dug them playing with Ralph.”.

The band at Floyd Fest

I put their CD in and started listening and was instantly blown away. Man that was some really different music, and the lyrics were out of this world. I think it hit close to home because they were singing about an area I love and grew up in, the Appalachian mountains and it’s people. Being half Cherokee, it really hit home, and the musicianship, wow! I started on a quest to see the band live and in action, and got my chance when I lived in North Carolina for about six months. The band were playing at a local Raleigh venue and I raced out to see them live.

When I got to the show the guys were so awesome as were their girlfriends and wives. We all hung out, had some brews and the guys played as I danced the night away with the gals. I was able to meet some local North Carolina promoters and agents whom have since become killer friends and we have traded shows back and forth as well as helped each other promote and trade the Georgia and North Carolina talent back and forth. The guys have crashed at my house to save money while in Georgia and I have terrific friendships with this music family.

Their music is a blend of jam, bluegrass, country and rock with a sound all their own.  With Justin’s amazing vocals and songwriting skills, Ashley’s bass playing and his energy that reminds me of my pal Ted Norton of The Grapes on stage, Brian’s strong banjo skills, John’s powerful drumming, and Joseph’s smooth guitar playing Big Daddy Love are a force. The festival scene has been eating them up. Everywhere I look or go they are there. If you haven’t been out to check them out yet, then you are missing out. It’ a foot stomping good time at every single show, and they are the nicest guys I have met in music.


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