“If you’ve never run aground, you’ve never been anywhere!”–Source Unknown

“Do not lie, steal, or cheat; but if you must lie, lie in the arms of the one you love; if you must steal, steal away from bad company; and if you must cheat, cheat death.” -Source Unknown

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything He has learned in school.”
–Albert Einstein


My dog, Bundy, is a barker. He barks when people walk by our house; he barks when people walking their dogs walk past our place. He barks when I am getting ready to take him outside for a walk. He barks at the porch door, waiting for me to open the door, so that he can go for a walk, and h barks at our front door, waiting for me to let him back in the house. His barking irritates me. My other dog, Morisson, very rarely barks. I would like to train Bundy to be less of a barker. The article below was of great help to me. I have started saying, “NO” to Bundy when he starts to bark, and he is barking far less in all of the above situations because of my firmmess with him. Knowledge is the key to most anything, and I am always glad to learn something that will help me live more peacefully with my pets:

A No-Barking Bark Training Checklist:

Every time your dog barks inappropriately, go to him and shout “no.” Then, an instant later, either spritz him lightly in the face with the watery mist of a clean spray bottle, or, give him a token, two-fingered smack on the nose. If you choose to smack your dog, keep in mind that your goal is not to inflict pain or injury on the animal. You are just trying to ensure that his every bark is followed immediately by a consequence that he finds unnerving and unpleasant. So be careful not to use too much force, and be especially careful dispensing punishment to puppies, who are extra fragile. The rule then is: Don’t hurt the dog. Just make sure that after each and every bark, he suffers an unpleasant, unnerving consequence that is just harsh enough to cause him to want to avoid experiencing it again in the future.



I am diabetic, and overweight. I have lost nearly 20 pounds, recently, by measuring my food, putting realistic portions on my plate, and exercising. Recently, I have not been measuring my food, and I am figuring that when I go see my dietitian, next week, that I will have gained back some of those precious pounds that I lost. Diet is a matter of life, and death for me, as a diabetic; my weight can kill me. I found the below article interesting, and invigorating. We should all eat healthy:

“Some pseudograins like quinoa, amaranth, millet, and buckwheat are much better for human consumption but other than that I would pass on the bread and pasta if I were you.”

“If you want to eat eggs, then make sure to eat the WHOLE egg – the way it is was meant to be eaten. When the yolk and white are eaten together,its nutrients are better absorbed because all the nutrients are working synergistically.”

4 “Healthy” Foods You Should Avoid

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K Poems (These poems are from Mikel K’s forthcoming book of poetry, “Someday I will start The Revolution):

We Are The Children

We are the children of the sun
and the stars.

We are the children of the hippies,
who were strung out on peace and love,
and heroin when they conceived us.

We are the children of alcoholics,
conceived in blackouts.

We are the children of the punk rockers,
screwed into this world on beer and anger.

We are the children of the poor,
raised on welfare and food stamps,
and government housing.

We are the children of the middle class,
borrowing from the government to get a college degree,
to get a job with a pension from Corporate America,
who has already fired our fathers and mothers,
before they could retire.

We are the children of the rich,
who, like our fathers and mothers before us,
care only about obtaining more wealth.

We are the children of the doctors, dentists,
and lawyers, who care more about their Porsches
and Mercedes than they do their patients.

We are the children of the American dream,
roaming the streets with a blanket,
and a garbage bag full of aluminum cans.

We are the children, who now have the children,
and we hope they won’t learn racism from us,
like we learned it from our moms and dads.

We are the children who can change the inevitable,
alter our destiny, change the future from futile to



Someday I Will Start The Revolution

Someday, I will start the revolution,
but, this morning, I had to bring cleats,
and a baseball uniform to my son.

Someday, I will start the revolution
but, for right now, there is cereal to buy,
and Nintendo games to rent.

Someday, I will start the revolution,
but my son’s sneakers are worn,
and he needs new clothes for the spring.

Someday, I will start the revolution,
but my daughter needs a new dress,
and I’ve got to come up with the money
for her next guitar lesson.

Someday, I will start the revolution,
but I’ve got those student loans to pay back,
and these credit cards to pay down.

Someday, I will start the revolution,
but I’ve got this new apartment,
and the cable hasn’t even been put in.

Someday, I will start the revolution,
but right now I am late for work.

Someday, I will start the revolution,
but I need new tires for my car.

Someday, I will start the revolution,
but I may want to get a Masters in poetry,
or creative writing, first.

Someday, I will start the revolution,
but this woman just walked by,
and, man she looks good.

Someday, I will start the revolution.


Look At The Bums

Look at the bums,
here another one comes;

last week, maybe he had
a job in a factory,
but they downsized.

CEO got a bonus
for thinking that way;
everybody, especially
the stockholders, thinks
that he s a great man

eats off a ten thousand dollar plate
at the White House,
shakes the right hands.

Here comes a bum,
got a tear in his eye,
I immediately criticize,
say that he is a crack addict
who will want a quarter
from me.

He asks for money for food.

Why don t you get a job?
Why don t you get a job,
like me?

you and me
we’re living in the land
of opportunity.

Oh no,
I just lost my job.


“Hooked,” A New Song by Escape Verocity:


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