We’re all familiar with the famous old adage ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch.’  Personal experience has taught most of us to beware offers that appear too good to be true.  That being the well-documented case, is it possible there really could be such a thing as a FREE CRUISE?

The answer, surprisingly, is a slightly qualified yes —  and it actually could be easier to score this attractive travel bargain than you might think.  With no timeshare presentation.  No scams.  No $500 ‘administrative fees.’  No kidding!

The secret to your potential free cruise actually lies in group travel.  The advantages of group travel don’t end with the potential for a FREE STATEROOM.   Group rates commonly offer savings off published fares.  Group members may also benefit from an array of special amenities.  Perks such as special onboard credit, wine and canapes in their staterooms, and free photos are frequently provided to group members.   Larger groups often qualify for special meet & greet cocktail parties and other special functions during their trip.

Groups can (and do!) come from just about anywhere.  Most people reading this article are part of a  group of one sort or another.  Each of these could potentially comprise a group.  One of the most common groups consists simply of family members or friends who decide to travel together. Church groups, ballroom dancers, business clubs and associations, doll collectors, wine lovers, scrapbookers, Harley-Davidson owners — virtually ANY type of organizational affinity could form the basis for a cruise group.

A group function at sea provides a high fun factor for attendees.  No stuffy, boring same-old/same-old here!   The family-friendly atmosphere makes a cruise the perfect venue to combine business & pleasure.  With most meetings & business functions generally held during the cruise ‘sea days,’ group members are free to enjoy exotic destinations, spending port time exploring with friends & family.

Seamless first-class events — high fun factor — and a possible FREE CRUISEWhat could be more enticing? CRUISE FOR FREE … yes, it’s entirely possible that you really can.  Why not start putting together your list of potential group members and click on this special link for more info…I WANT TO CRUISE FOR FREE!!

Kevin Gragg
Dancing Moon Travel



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