Nic Cowan Interviewing backstage at Center Stage Theatre with The Kimberly James Report

I finished my interview with Jett Beres of Sister Hazel and said our goodbyes until later and headed over to my friend Nic Cowan‘s dressing room, where I caught the boys mid-lunch. Nic being the nice guy he is headed out and grabbed us some coffee and we settled in for a more relaxed interview, meaning myself not being so nervous. Now when I say not nervous that could be a partial lie, because Nic has got to be one of the most beautiful men in Atlanta, and I am sure he will strangle me next time I see him for saying that.

We pulled our chairs in after giving hugs and saying our hello’s and got the interview rolling. One thing I adore about Nic is he came from a background not unlike mine and is just a very personable person, always smiling and welcoming. Here is our interview:


If no one has gotten the chance to hear Nic, or meet him in person at our favorite haunt Tin Roof in Atlanta, I suggest you get out to a show. I was super excited to see him with his full band, because I had seen him hop on stage with friends but never live like this, and it was a stellar performance. He has so much energy and terrific songs. The band is no exception. Nic is on Southern Ground Records, a label owned by Zac Brown and has been making his mark in his own way playing all over. He has this sort of Otis Redding sound, but more his own than any. The dashing good looks, huge smile, and great songwriting skills set him apart from the rest. I love how he can get anyone dancing and singing along to his music. His debut album is coming out pretty soon and I can’t wait to get it. This Texas native has now been claimed as ours in Georgia. You can catch Nic’s next show at Philips Arena ringing in the New Year with the Zac Brown band and friends including supporting acts such as The Wood Brothers, Casey Driessen & Southern Ground Artists Sonia Leigh, and Levi Lowrey on December 31st! Maybe I can get Nic to hook me up for some interviews and pictures for that since the press passes are all out. Hint hint.

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