My photographer and I pulled into a parking area near Center Stage and realized we didn’t bring cash to pay to park, so we asked this lady if she had change. Instead of change, she gave us her spot that didn’t run out till that night and said “Happy Holidays”. I knew right then that this was going to be not only a fun interview, but a great concert. We made our way into Center Stage and Scott, Sister Hazels tour manager, took us backstage to the dressing room to wait. I was supposed to interview with my friend Ryan Newell of Sister Hazel, but he was running behind, so as we walked in Scott introduced us to a very sweet, smiling and welcoming Jett Beres. Jett was a wonderful interview subject who probably helped me along on my first live interview. Here is my interview with him, my first on video. You can tell I was a bit nervous.


After interviewing with Jett; which was a lot of fun, we headed over to Nic Cowan’s dressing room. I knew Nic would be fun because he is a pal of mine. The concert was incredible and Sister Hazel were just as amazing as they have always been. The after party was pretty fun as well. What a night! Stay tuned for my interview with Nic Cowan next!

All Photos and video Copyright JT Alessi Photography

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