Rock and Roll is such a temporary thing; audience, and artists, come together for just a short while. Stages are erected, and then stages are dismantled. You leave the show with just a memory, and or maybe with a t-shirt, and or a cd.

I left The Lefty Williams Band show at Vinyl in Atlanta, Georgia, last night, with a smile on my face. For nearly two hours, my eyes, and my brain, had been mesmerized by a fascinating, and liberating band.

I had long known that band leader, Lefty Williams, was a genius on guitar, but now there is this other guitar player in the band who is equally as engaging, and entertaining: Adam Cain. And there is this incredible bass player named Lex Luther, certainly a super hero at his instrument. And…there is this extraordinary drummer, Steve Saunders.

These guys are bad ass.

For most of the show, I hugged the stage, not wanting to miss a note that The Lefty Williams Band kicked out, but for awhile I went to the back of the house to see how the band looked, and sounded, from there. From a distance, they also looked, and sounded fantastic.

A gentleman who might have have a cocktail or two inside him, came up to me and ecstatically said, “He is awesome isn’t he? Simply awesome?!”


K Pics Above: Top Row: All Lefty. Middle Row Left: Lex Luther; Middle: Steve Saunders; Right: Adam Cain. Bottom Row Left: Crazed Fan Elizabeth Tull;  Middle: Band Manager Bob Fortin; Right: Merchandise Manager Danielle Strickland, and Tom Kettles, professional photographer, who is capturing the entire Atlanta music scene with his lenses. (All Photos By Mikel K).


“Yes,” I said, sober as hell, “He is awesome.””

“I grew up in Texas,” the guy said, “And I used to smoke pot with Stevie Ray Vaughn, and this guy is as good as Stevie…”

The guy he was talking about was Lefty Williams. Check Lefty, and The Left Williams band out, soon. And buy a t-shirt, and a cd; they will fuel your memory of a great evening.

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