Sometimes, when ordering prescription refills on the phone I don’t hang up until the computer tells me to. I have been lulled into a trance while ordering the pills. The computer voice has hypnotized me.

Time to go stand on my head.

I moved a chair from one corner of my abode, the chair that my dog, Bundy, usually hangs out behind, and, now, I have a wall that I can use for doing head stands, and shoulder stands, in my Yoga workout. Bundy still sits in the exact same spot, as if the chair was there; weird behavior, really, but understandable.

A K Poem, or short prose Idea: He was a wealthy contractor, but way more than enough was not enough for him. He had a big job that would last awhile. He hired illegal immigrants, and kept telling them that he would pay them next week. When the job was over he called his buddy The Sheriff, who locked the illegals up, and called his buddy over at immigration to get some of them a  document similar to this post graduate work permit Canada. The contractor smiled at the great amount of money that he made on the job.

As I was leaving Yoga, tonight, I passed four young me sitting in a car; one of them rolled down his window, and shouted at me, “Hey, I like your beard!” I shot him the Peace sign, and he screamed, “Merry Christmas.” When I got home there was an email from an ex saying, “Oh my, you are really embracing that downtrodden, homeless look. I think you are in need of a medication adjustment. Yeah, really. Ewwwww!”

You can’t please everybody.

Here is an additional comment that I received about my appearance that made me feel good: “You are an adorable fuzzball with many more people who love you than any of your detractors have, I feel fairly certain of that.”

–Deborah Richardson


Hi Mikel,

“Mexico is in the news. But what do we know about the explosive history of this country on our border?” asks Author Nina Vida.

Ms. Vida has written a new novel that may answer that question called, “CHILDREN OF GUERRERO. According to Ms. Vida, her book”fills in the blanks, weaves fiction and fact, and tells a harrowing tale of love and deception that reverberates to this day.”

CHILDREN OF GUERRERO is now available on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook.

nina vida


K Question: Is the supply of fish on this earth infinite?
Possible answer Here


Are you into the poet Charles Bukowski?

“There is something about seeing your words on a screen before you that makes you send the word with a better bite, sighted in closer to the target. I know a computer can’t make a writer but I think it makes a writer better. Simplicity in writing and simplicity in getting it down, hot and real. When this computer is in the shop and I go back to the electric, it’s like trying to break rock with a hammer. Of course, the essence of writing is there but you have to wait on it, it doesn’t leap from the gut as quickly, you begin to trail your thoughts — your thoughts are ahead of your fingers which are trying to catch up. It causes a block of sorts indeed.”

–Charles Bukowski


“I’m a poet, baby. I’m not a Doctor, a lawyer; I don’t sell used cars, houses, or vacuum cleaners, door to door. I’m a poet. I live by the word; I’ll die by the word. You have my word on it.”–Mikel K

To Show Me The Stars

There is nothing to calm the fear of a day
full of creditors who cant be satisfied,
dunning letters that can’t be replied to,

except for,

a walk in the dark to the store for ice cream
with a dog happy to see me,
and a daughter who brings a flashlight
to show me the stars.

–Mikel K


Art Opening

Each time he rides his bike away,
he gets further down the street.

“Can I go see the twins?” he asks,
and he’s off again.

“Can I knock on their door?” he asks.

I say, “no,” and explain that I’ll have to leave soon,
and that he won’t be able to ride his bike much longer.

He’s seven, and as he rides away this time, I realize that, one day,
he may be riding away to college or to a job nd that I won’t see him everyday,
and I think, well, maybe, I don’t have to et to that art opening on time.
–Mikel K


I am exhausted. David Scott Barron took me into R-Audio, today, to record
a number of my poems for the K poetry documentary that Barron is doing on me.
Barron took a large number of still of me sitting in front of the microphone
that he will use in the move. I want to bake some banana bread for family,
and friends, but I don’t know it I will have time in the morning. Scarlett
and I are going to go to downtown Atlanta and help Dave Sloan feed the orphans.


I will mostly have a smile for you

I can t predict the future.
I can’t tell you what s going to happen tomorrow,
but I can tell you this,

I will love you
if it rains or if we’re poor.

I will do the dishes,
if none of the children
are around.

I will sweep the floor,
at least once, or twice,
a year.

I will grow tomatoes in the garden,
and I will mostly have a smile for you.

–Mikel K


I have a smile for you who read this.
If you’d like to buy a Mikel K book go here: www.lulucom/mikelkpoet

Peace and Love
Peace and Love
Mikel K

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