We have been so impressed with the Experts in the Fitness World.  Their positive energy, karma, and approach to the free exchange of their knowledge has made our Fat-2-Fit series a pleasure to produce.  Here is an original Top Ten submitted to BOLD SPICY From Vero Beach, Florida,  Internationally Known Super Star,  Bonnie Pfiester.

Here is Bonnie’s answer and a preview to our Monday Morning Fat-2-Fit Article:

What are simple ways to make proper diets easier?

Here are simple guidelines to managing calories and weight loss

1. Eat 5 times a day (3 meals, 2 snacks). Eating often revs your metabolism, gives you energy and encourages fat loss.

2. Try to keep meals to 300-400 calories for women or 400-500 calories for men. This will help give you a guide to go by when eating out or preparing meals. (your daily caloric allowance should not increase 1200-1500 calories for women or 1500-1800 calories for men)

3. Keep snacks to 100-150 calories for women, 150-200 calories for men.

4. Don’t eat a snack or meal closer than 2 hours apart. This is a great rule to keep you in check. Many times we find ourselves looking in the pantry just 30 minutes after dinner. We aren’t hungry, we are just wanting to taste something.

5. Stick to whole foods and avoid processed foods like cereal, bread, pasta, etc to have more energy through out your day. If you need help with your diet, or if you think your diet is calorie-deficit, then an Online workout subscription plan should help you.

6. Listen to your body. When you are hungry, eat real food.  When you want to taste something, that’s the time to eat sugar-free jello.

7. Eat a 33/33/33 split. This means, with every meal you should be getting 33% of the calories from each substrate. (a 300 calorie meal would mean you were getting 100 calories from carbs, 100 from protein and 100 from fat. That’s 25gms of protein & carbs each (100 ÷ 4 calories in each gram of protein or carbs) and 11gms of fat (100 ÷ 9 calories per gm of fat). You’ll feel fuller longer AND you’ll be less likely to lose muscles instead of fat during weight loss)

8. Do cardio on an empty stomach, otherwise you’ll just burn off your food (instead of stored fat) and you’ll likely be hungry afterwards whether you eat before or not anyway.

9. Always eat before lifting weights or doing strenuous explosive workouts like Boot Camp or plyometrics so you have energy to challenge your body.

10. Diet everyday. Many people diet 5 or 6 days a week, and ruin all those days of hard work on one bad meal. Realize you can erase 6 days of dieting by not being careful on one day. You’ll get a bigger reward and feel like all the hard work is paying off if you diet 7 days a week for several weeks straight. You can take weight loss supplements to reduce food cravings while still maintaining your energy level (click here for more info).

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