Moe’s Original BBQ has proven that mentoring and growing from within the company by providing opportunities and training for its most hardworking employees leads to entrepreneurial success. The thriving Moe’s Original BBQ concept is unlike most franchises as it expands its partnerships from within the company through a model that offers its staff a challenging career path and nurtures them for individual and company growth. Its philosophy is to entice young folks into the BBQ field and give them the opportunity of culinary training, knowledge, confidence, life skills and all of the overall tools necessary to prosper and lead to entrepreneurial success. Moe’s Original BBQ is always looking for hardworking crew members who take pride in ensuring that its customers enjoy themselves as much as their meal. Building its team around like-minded individuals who share common values, morals and goals, the company teaches tradition when training its crew.

“Our partners are trained to encourage originality in their team and to empower their staff to develop personal strengths,” said founding partner Jeff Kennedy. “We allow our pit crew the freedom to have fun but also foster an empathetic environment of support where each person understands the importance of working hard together to create the ultimate Moe’s Original BBQ community.”

Serving Alabama-style BBQ since 1988, Moe’s Original BBQ has been named in the Top 10 BBQ Chains in America by USA Today and The Daily Meal, one of the fastest growing, emerging restaurant chains by Restaurant Business Magazine, and one of the Top 10 Rib Joints in the U.S. by Relish. Served with red BBQ and Alabama white sauces, the award-winning smoked menu features pulled pork, ribs, wings, turkey and chicken as well as fish and shrimp selections. Prepared fresh daily, a rotation of 60 traditional Southern sides and house made desserts are also offered. While Moe’s Original BBQ growing at a manageable, yet aggressive pace, its makes sure to create authentic experiences through exceptional food and valued community relationships.

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