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This June marks the second annual Georgia Music Awards in which Georgia’s finest musicians come together to honor and recognize accomplishments of Georgia artists across several genres. Over 200 nominees in Rock, Hip Hop, Alternative, Latin, Country, and R&B will be recognized through the awards ceremony. The event has a very clear objective, which is to encourage the development of the music industry in Georgia while encouraging growth in music, both present and future. While the GA Music Awards will focus on the most prominent and hottest musicians and artists in Georgia, artists outside of Georgia will be honored as well.

(Photo credit: www.georgiamusicawards.com)

(Photo credit: www.georgiamusicawards.com)

All awards through this event are chosen by you, the fans. First, nominations are taken on the GA Music Awards website. The top nominated artists are reviewed by a panel, and from those nominations the Awards Nominees are announced. From those nominees, the people and their fans get to vote. If your favorite artist does not get nominated, do no fret, you can still write in that person’s or band’s name!  The awards ceremony is truly by the people and for the people.

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(Photo credit: Ellen Eldridge)

(Photo credit: Ellen Eldridge)


2013 GA Music Awards Nominees

Hip Hop

Male: Sevon, Fase, Dez Nado, Hummarabi Bone, Jalon Blac,  King Malachi, Titanium, Yung Thor

Female: Chi Chi Diva, Contanek, Adonis, Summer Azul, Oso Krispie, Shana VonShe, Divinity Roxx, T Starr

Group: Unbreakable Bloodline, Jubee and the Morning After, B.U.D.S (Brothers Under Different Skin), Clan Destined, Kid Sync & Brandy wine, Tizzle and Streetz


Male: JStavo, Xavier Lewis, Chris Cauley, Winston Warrior, Norwood, Chris Rich, Will Preston, Jebron 

Female: Lexxi, Tia Michelle, D’Amber Renee, Marcierra Crockett, Miss Grenique aka Lady Bella, Repunza, Elle Jae, Tocarra

Group: Final Draft, Kazual, Vincent Clark, Lissen, Dukes of Daville


Male: SEICH, Eduardo Villalona, Waldy El Creador, Nickie Jon, Fabio Legarda, Cano El Canoso, Platano “El Gerente”

Female: Eva Fe, Christina Quinones, Rachel Villalona, Zara Sky

Group: Border Hoppers, Flako & Jonah, Javy & Latin, Nalee, Los Electro Musicales


Male: Davin McCoy, Jonathan Pruitt, Kenny Hathorne, Ralph Roddenbery, Byron Hatcher, Marc Philips, Bonz

Female: Kadria, Ginger Fawcett, Amber Taylor, Lauren Betty, Deb Carter, Paris Luna aka Heather Russell, Eryn Woods, Donna Hopkins

Band: Liquid Ginger, Scarlet Stitch, Best Brothers Band, Blind By Sight, Fallacy, All The Locals, The Six Shot Revival, The Dreaded Marco


Bands: Inviolate, Legion X, ThroatpuncH, 82mm,VainGlory, Enders Game, Uncrowned, Eye Empire


Male: Jared Wade, Scott Brantley, Tyler Brant Harrison, Chuck Courtenay, Ben Wells, Ricky Gunn, Cole Taylor, Alex Hall

Female: Amy Taylor, Angela Reign, Faith Jackson, Kelly Ballard, Crista Lynn, Rebecca Collins, Lauren Ashley, Mandy Gawley, Hope Sonam

Bands: Laughlin, Lyn Avenue, Georgia Red Clay, Highway 55, Brock, Southside of the Tracks, Cottonwood Canyon, Reluctant Saints

Americana / Blue Grass

Bands: Barbwire Bluegrass, BlueBilly Grit, Frances Mooney & Fontanna Sunset, Kate & Corey, The Law Band, Travis Denning, Kris Youmans, East Dixie Boys, Train Wrecks

Hip Hop and R&B–Youth

Brian Alben, J’Plus The Entertainer, Miss Mulato, YNCK, Big Kory, Shandria Elliott, Ryan Burke

Rock & Country–Youth

Athens Band, Gabbie Rae, Madison Shea, Emily Vance, Caitlin Gutierrez, Jordan Grassi, Aspen Countryman, Cheyenne Knight, Katie Belle Akin


Andy Reilly, Mike Froedge, Joey Stuckey, John Briglevich, Slash Major, DJ I.O.P, Zaytoven


The Marie Effect, Ioana Rotaru, Olivia Burnett, Jasmin Adams, Ashanti Minter, Chris Richardson


Inviolate – Condemned, Kelly Ballard – When You Go, Jstavo – Fancy, The Law Band – Crazy Lonesome, Chuck Courtenay- Good Side Of This Bar, Rittz – Like I Am, Dio$a Stevenson – Contagious, Young Noble – Welcome To Real Life

Youth Video

Caitlin Gutierrez – Country Air, J’Plus the Entertainer – Get Ya Swag On, Gabbie Rae  – Don’t Look Down, Emily Vance – Something Stupid, Miss Mulatto – Link Up

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