Originally we thought it was time to go to the store and purchase $20 worth of harsh chemicals for a clogged tub.

While navigating which arsenic scent would be better, lilac or summer breeze (no joke: they are scented now), a cardboard stand in the aisle caught our attention.

This funny little barb cost less than $3 at the Home Depot.

Disclosure: We would never advocate for not calling a professional drainage plumber Sydney, nor have we asked one if this tool is safe to use on the drains and pipes in your home.


Our original intention was to have BS Test this little stick and to see if the BrassCraft claim that it would unclog hair and muck from a drain was even possible as emphasized by the internet.

Western Rooter, an Arcadia-based plumber, talks about how to unclog a bathroom sink drain if you also have a clogged bathroom sink.

You can also check out our website if you wish to learn more about plumbing issues, concerns and treatments.


After about 30 seconds of shimmy and poke this 24 inch ‘dip-stick’ only showed its round tabbed end with my white knuckle clutched.

I ripped the ZIP-IT with lawnmower force and a splattering mess of hair and debris flew up and suctioned to the ceiling and all four walls.

Despite the mess, mostly caused by my exuberance, the drain cleared and the tub emptied with the rush of newness not known to this tube for many years.  Other than the nicks to my knuckles from the sharp little prickers and the uncomfortable tabbed top BS TESTS gives this simple but brilliant barbed poker 4 Bulls!

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Please remember to always call a professional plumber Sydney for all of your serious plumbing needs the first time and if you need a real opinion about this product.

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