Anita’s Balm was formulated around 2009 in Lawrenceville, Georgia by Anita Horning.

One of her three sons has eczema and she joined the National Eczema Association for support and

contributed regularly to their newsletter – The ScratchPad, where people write tips and ideas.

She eventually ran a local support group and became the state contact for support.

She knew she needed to moisturize her son but was frustrated by

the list of ingredients to avoid in moisturizers.

She found:

  • creams that had dyes
  • lotions that added fragrance
  • messy pumps that were difficult to use
  • “natural” ingredients he had an allergic reaction to
  • products that were too thin and didn’t  last long.

She experimented with olive oil and beeswax and Anita’s Balm was born.  It worked well and was convenient so

people asked for it and the company was founded in late 2011.

Anita donates a portion of the proceeds to the

National Eczema Association to further research and programs  for people with eczema.

To find out more about Anita’s Balm, visit her website:

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