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It’s easy to feel all alone sometimes when you’re trying to juggle the demands of life. Balance Atlanta Family Chiropractic will kick off Balance for Atlanta Moms, a meet up group that will be a fun and nurturing way for moms to meet other moms for friendship and support along their journey of healthy parenting, maintaining supportive family relationships, enhancing physical well-being and developing emotional peace of mind. Whether you are expecting a baby, you’re a brand new mom or you’re an experienced mothering pro, Balance Atlanta invites all moms to share your wisdom and friendship. Balance for Atlanta Moms provides a relaxed environment for support, advice and education so mommies can take a breather, unwind with like-minded women, and find answers to questions without judgement; they even provide euphoria spa days for greater relaxation.

Maybe you’ve been disappointed by the opinions of your doctors, relatives and friends. Perhaps you don’t feel like reading every parenting book listed on Amazon or what if you swear you are the only mother who ever wondered about a certain topic? Don’t stress. Balance for Atlanta Moms offers a look into the holistic side of health for baby and family now and in the years to come. The Meet Ups include time for moms to informally share ideas and support as well as a baby first aid course by invited experts in the health and parenting fields. Balance Atlanta will not market, sell, or convince. Topics range from successful VBAC stories, having a healthy pregnancy, with the help of a trusted gynecologist, vaccination, allergies, breastfeeding, nutrition and baby’s first foods, stress relief, cosleeping, work-family balance, post-partum depression, fitness, and much more.  Instead, you will meet like-minded women, and in the process, learn some useful stuff to keep mind, body and family on the same page. By growing this group, they plan to create a community of people who seek a lifestyle that promotes balance for the whole family!

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Founder of Balance Atlanta Family Chiropractic, Dr. Caroline von Fluegge has been in practice for over 11-years. Her commitment is to empower patients towards optimal health by combining a specialty of family and sports chiropractic with nutrition, yoga, physical therapy and neuromuscular therapy. The Balance Atlanta clientele includes pregnant moms, children, parents, business people, as well as celebrities in the entertainment industry. In addition, Dr. Caroline frequently contributes to fitness magazines, produces corporate wellness programs, and makes guest appearances on national television and radio.

WHEN: January 31st at 10:30am and last Tuesday of each month

WHERE: Balance Atlanta Family Chiropractic
360 Pharr Road, Lower Level 101
Atlanta, GA 30305
Ph. 404-261-4848

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