I receive numerous questions related to relationships and matters of the heart.

The most common questions are laden with broken hearts pining over why love was lost.  Droning about how tragic the world is without the person they most despised, inside a ‘love relationship’, just a week ago. Why not check out this valentines date ideas toronto page here to spice up your relationship?

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Many of the most shameful, disastrous pity parties result when the ‘ex’ is a direct result of infidelity or moves on quickly with a close friend.  Partners always move on quickly, sometimes even with your friends.  Here are some honest and direct reasons and solutions why his/her (‘ex’ or current) boots are under another’s bed.

1. You might be a boring person.

For Men: Ladies love with ears.  What they hear from you can make them weak or disgusted.  Choose wisely.

For Women: Men like to have a smart conversation, but love with their eyes and their stomach.  Keep yourself made up, always and learn how to cook.

2. You might be boring in bed.

For Men: Ladies like to be kissed, cuddled, and crooned.  (Talk sexy if you cannot sing.) Sorry to be honest size and hardness do matter.  If you have a small penis and need male enhancement treatment, do not wait to talk to a specialist at Belcourt Aesthetics.

For Women: Men love to feel important, powerful, and gorgeous in bed.  Even if they have a small package tell them it is huge.  White lies are a great foundation to all relationships.

3. You might be just too darn desperate.

For Both: Don’t be too needy! Give your partner all the space they need.  The more space you give the more they will want you when you do have together time. Don’t move too fast with your relationship and don’t push or guilt your partner.  If your partner’s only option is to lie to you, it can never end well.

4. You may have hygiene problems.

For Men:  Always man-scape, shower, and use deodorant and cologne.  Do not think a workout is sexy for your partner three hours later, ‘sans shower’.
For Women: Always pamper yourself and confide in a close friend about your natural and product-specific women’s fragrances.   Use lots of product and stay bathed.  Shampoo your hair. Do not just use it as an excuse to stay home from your sweaty new beau. Make sure your perfume is not cheap.  Soap is always a better choice than sweat, hairspray, and cheap perfume.

5. For mature relationships to last, ask yourself questions:

Do I think often how to keep the relationship SPICY?

Do I exude confidence in my life, and am I BOLD?

Do I Show my partner that I love him/her?

Am I still the same person who my partner was attracted to, in the beginning?

Do I still groom myself?

Do I still look good?

Just for Women: NEVER EVER EVER call your date first. Men need the chase.  This keeps them slightly off-balance and is very important.

For All,Remember: Hidden and forbidden attracts better than complete nakedness.

Be BOLD, SPICY, and Mysterious… not Conspicuous.


P.S. Keep the questions pouring in and hopefully we will get to your specific question soon. Remember we will never use your real name to maintain your privacy.

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