“Who is Chloe Pink? Why is she in my diary? And where is the key to this diary?”

Whoa! Hold on! That’s a lot of questions, you curious girl! First of all, Chloe Pink is a little cartoon girl with an extra large message.” Follow your dreams, girl!”

Secondly, she’s in your diary to help you discover the secrets and stuff that make you so special and one-of-a-kind. As for your third question wondering where the key to your diary is…Well, who needs a key when you’ve got Chloe Pink to help you unlock so, so many of your secrets such as:

The top 10 reasons you love being a girl:

  • Who are your friends? How are you alike? How are you different?
  • What is a near perfect ‘Pink Scarf’ day to you?
  • What stresses you out? What makes things all better?
  • What goes on your “to do” list and your “not to do” list?
  • What are your favorite hobbies, sports and activities? What is most challenging? Most fun? What are you best at?
  • Who supports you? Who do you support? And much, much more!

Plus — Chloe Pink has also added a FREE bonus section where you’ll learn the secret to making your dreams come true. (Let’s just say that here in this diary, you get to find out all the cool stuff that makes you so incredibly wonderful.) And, come to think of it…that is something you should never keep a secret!

Sharna Fulton is a cartoonist, writer, teaching artist and “Chief Encourager of Girls” (CEG) at the Chloe Pink Cartoon Studio HQ in lovely Decatur, GA.  She takes her job quite seriously as she draws Chloe Pink, a funny little cartoon girl who just wants girls to follow their dreams. Want more encouragement? Check out Sharna’s first book, “The Chloe Pink Doodle & Dream Coloring Book.”

I asked Sharna: Why Chloe Pink?

This is what she told me: “Inspired by Charles Shultz, Dr. Seuss and Hallmark Greeting Cards, I’ve wanted to create a cartoon character and be a commercial artist since I was seven years old. So I finally started working on that dream about 6 years ago and created Chloe Pink. Chloe pink is a little girl with a big message. She encourages girls to believe in themselves, be curious about everything and  to follow their dreams. Chloe Pink is an unusual role model for girls or rather a new one. Sure. She is totally cute! But not because of her hair. (She wears a pink baseball cap.) And not because of her frilly clothes. (She wears jeans and sneakers.) And not because of who her friends her. Chloe Pink is her own independent girl self who makes her own independent choices— although she does indeed have lots of friends. (One of them is her BFF, a dog named Pete who  is totally supportive of her!)

Every girl needs at least one major cheerleader…and for Chloe Pink, that’s Pete.

The mission of Chloe Pink cartoon is to put an imprint on girls 5-10 that there is someone who is cheering for them to believe in themselves and to follow their dreams. That person is Chloe Pink. She truly wants to see each girl lead a  so they happy, productive and completely fulfilled life, reaching their true potential.

The vision of Chloe Pink is to provide a positive role model who relates to girls in a down-to-earth manner and humorous way…someone every girl  aged  can relate to a bit and someone who can encourage them.

The Chloe Pink “brand” has potential in terms of encouraging girls of all ages to listen to their own hearts, follow their own passion and enjoy the simple things in life which make them happy. For all these girls AND women, we have Chloe Pink Hats and tee-shirts to cheer them on!”

The Tell Your Secrets & Stuff To Chloe Pink Diary is the second Chloe Pink activity book. Where “The Chloe Pink Doodle & Dream Coloring Book started it all with pictures to color, pages to doodle and other activities, “Secrets & Stuff” steps it up a bit as a journal/diary.

“Secrets & Stuff” is a 60 page glossy covered paperback book soon to be available on Amazon.com for 9.25

It makes a great gift for a daughter, granddaughter, friend’s birthday, etc.

In Secrets & Stuff, Chloe Pink asks girls lots of questions to help them unveil all the “secrets” that make each girl special. The diary does not have a key. Because as Chloe Pink explains, all those special things you find out about yourself should not be kept hidden from the world!

Pre-order your Limited Edition copy now at www.chloepinkcartoon.blogspot.com. Free shipping, but signed with the name of the recipient by Chloe Pink, herself! The first 50 people to order a book are entered into a drawing to win a Chloe Pink cap or teeshirt.

Creative journaling/doodling/cartooning workshops are available for your girls organization, camp, school, etc. Please contact sharna.fulton@att.net for more information.

To buy a book, hat, set-up a girl’s journaling workshop you can also contact Sharna at 404.663.8450.


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