A few months ago I was contacted by a family member about my thoughts on helping to coordinate a family reunion.  “It has been years since all the cousins have gotten together and they are spread all over the US”  they complained.  “I’m sure I don’t even know half of my relatives”.

That seed of an idea morphed from the task of tracking down immediate family…into a project to attract every person we could find with our same surname.  Whether they are on the same family tree or not…if they share the same last name…they would be invited.  AND…we are going to have this reunion bash on a fabulous cruise ship in the Caribbean!!

With this, the “Gragg Cousin Cruise” was born and in June 2012…we will have a Carnival Funship overflowing with Graggs.  In addition to the normal amenities found on cruise ships like gourmet dining; Las Vegas style entertainment; and exotic ports we are putting together unique features that will make the “Gragg Cousin Cruise” a special event surely to be talked about by the Gragg family for years!

Special genealogy workshops will be held on “days at sea” where we’ll explore the Gragg name and attempt to connect those lost branches of the family tree.  We have a welcoming cocktail party planned; specially designed t-shirts; gift baskets in every cabin with specials just for the Gragg family; exclusive shore excursions; a group photo to preserve the memories of new-found friends and cousins; and a few surprises!

Special rates were negotiated with the cruise line; a promotional website with secure cabin booking capability has been built; and a powerful “Get Paid to Cruise” program was initiated, making every Gragg a “Bounty Hunter” able to earn financial rewards for locating more Graggs.

All this sounds like a tremendous amount of work…but truly its not.  You see…I am a Cruise Event Specialist with Dancing Moon Travel…and putting together special events at sea is what I do.  What we have put together for my family reunion is what Dancing Moon Travel does every day…we produce customized events at sea for any type of group from 50 people to 500

Do you have a large following?  Are you a leader…a “Pied Piper”?  Do you have information, contacts, knowledge to share?  Let’s build a seminar at sea!  Do you simply know a lot of people that like to have fun?  Or like the Graggs, do you have a large family you’d like to get together?  Perhaps your church, club, civic organization or hobbyist group would like to sail together?  The possibilities are endless.  Just like the “Gragg Cousin Cruise” we’ll take any seed of an idea and help you grow it into a mighty oak that will live for years. 

Come to us with your ideas…Dancing Moon Travel will do 97% of the work.  You will get 100% of the credit.  And the best news…it doesn’t cost, it PAYS to go on a Dancing Moon Travel special event cruise.  From earning a FREE stateroom for yourself, to making a profit, to collecting funds for your favorite charity…we can build an event that meets YOUR vision.

Contact me today for more information.

Kevin Gragg

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