The Luggage Packing Tips below will help you do everything from reducing wrinkles in your clothes to lightening your travel load.

Before You Start Packing Your Bags…

• Pack Light! Make a list of all that you think you will need. Next, lay all of the items out before you. Force yourself to take at least one third less than you’ve laid out. It’s tough to cut back, but you’ll be oh-so-thankful during your trip!

• Consider the activities you will participate in on your trip as you make your list.

• Confirm airline limitations on checked and carry-on baggage.

• In general, the airline industry standard size is 22″ x 14″ x 9″ for carry-on suitcases and folded garment bags. In most cases, you’ll be able to carry cases of this size or smaller on board the plane. However, on very crowded flights, airlines reserve the right to have you check bags even if they meet the size requirements.

• Find out the seasonal weather at your destination and pack appropriately.

• Bring clothes in basic, versatile colors (black, navy, etc.) which coordinate well into multiple outfits.

• Use small, leak-proof containers and bottles for toiletry items to save packing space. Squeeze extra air out of bottles to prevent them from exploding due to the air pressure.

• Take along some large, zip-lock plastic bags for wet or heavily soiled articles.

• Wrinkling is caused when clothes shift around, so pack tightly to keep clothes from shifting. And choose luggage that you will fill completely.

• For Frequent Travelers: Buy duplicates of your toiletries and always keep them packed in your toiletry kit. You’ll be ready to go and won’t have the hassle of packing and unpacking your toiletries each time. Plus, this insures you won’t forget to pack key items.

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