The earliest memory Alex V can think of is singing Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in The USA” into a broom handle for an audience of house painters. Born in Chicago, he grew up in a loving family where music was a huge part of his household. He would sit at an old piano for hours composing little pieces to play for friends and family. To this day, when a song is coming to him it takes all precedence and almost completely takes over his life with an urgency he can only compare to giving birth. Intrusive at times, it has cost him a great deal of friendships and relationships which have been sonically captured in his latest release, Tiny Tragedies, a collection of nine life experiences from the last several years exposing his most personal works yet. Alex V’s professional songwriting career began in the local clubs and bars of the Chicago music scene where his tunes like “Car Crash” and “Bottle and Bag” garnered a large student following for his college band Blissfield. It would be several years later until the tracks were properly recorded to meet the production qualities he demanded and independently released his debut album, Aftermath, in 2006. In the fall of 2010, Alex V went to Arizona for what was to be a week of family time for him and his sisters to be with their dad who continues to battle terminal cancer, he hasn’t left Arizona since. Moving there only with a suitcase and guitar in hand, he quickly began to feed off the energy of the Tempe college scene, prolifically writing and quickly growing a new faithful group of followers as he performed across campus and held frequent gatherings at his studio where he would perform and record music into the dawn to a live audience. Preparing for a tour to support Tiny Tragedies, and with another album’s worth of music ready to go, you can either find Alex recording at his studio Tempe Trax, performing around campus or shooting music videos for Tiny Tragedies with his creative partners and burgeoning filmmakers, the Buffnerds. Find his catalog available for purchase on itunes, watch his videos on youtube at, visit him online or connect on facebook at




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