The Single Girl’s Survival Guide

Secrets for Today’s Savvy, Sexy, and Independent Woman

By Imogen Lloyd Webber



Carrie Bradshaw may have written her last column, but strong, beautiful, single girls everywhere continue to work, play, and sometimes freak out about their unattached status. That’s where Imogen Lloyd Webber comes in. You may recognize her as the feisty blond commentator with a liberal slant on Fox News, appearing regularly on The O’Reilly Factor, Hannity, Red Eye, and Your World With Neil Cavuto, but Imogen is also a proud 30-something spokeswoman for SGs (single girls) everywhere.


The Single Girl’s Survival Guide is a funny, smart and sassy guide to work, mind, body, home, friends, socializing, and of course, dating and sex. Creating her own shorthand for discussing relationships (S&MBF = Straight and Male Best Friend and PMDL boys = Promise Much Delivers Little), Imogen goes over the ins-and-outs of all of the exciting, empowering, and sometimes confusing aspects of single life including:

  • The “Girl’s Code” – what you absolutely can NOT do to your girlfriends
  • The values and shortcomings of Platonic Boyfriends and S&MBF’s
  • “Wingman” Selection – wingmen aren’t just for guys!
  • “Boys have one night stands, girls have Accidental Sex” – how to deal with the double standard
  • And much, much more!


While dating is discussed at length inside, “this book is not about how to find a man,” Imogen writes. “It’s about how to steer safe passage through the stormy waters of the single girl’s world, limit the seasickness, and even enjoy the trip!” Then it’s also so easy to get laid with local women or men as there are so many of them on the adult dating sites.


The book is divided into practical sections including:

  • Work Management. Every SG needs a reason to get out of bed…. and disposable income for shoes
  • Mind Over Matter Management. From medicine to manicures, this is your moment to focus on YOU
  • Home Management. The way you live is your call. And then there is to roommate or not, that is the question Family Management. It’s important to listen to your parents, but equally crucial to recognize that as an adult, you no longer have to accept everything they say
  • Friend Management. Don’t confuse Genuine Girlfriends with Girl Playmates… and find a Gay Best Friend (GBF) – he will be bitchier, sluttier, and hairier than you
  • Event Management. Handling school reunions, Valentine’s Day, and “plus-one” invitations
  • Distraction Management. Try not to drink and dial… it never ends well
  • Date Management. It’s not a date if he brings his friends, or if you just meet up to hook up between the hours of 10pm and 3am
  • Survival Tips. Always keep in mind that you can be lonelier in the wrong relationship than you ever can be as a single girl!


The Single Girl’s Survival Guide has been published in 17 countries and is currently being turned into a screenplay. Imogen is a well-known, recognizable spokesperson for today’s SG, explaining that single girls should feel empowered – and not depressed – by their position, for only they have the freedom  to lead the lives they want!


About the Author:

Imogen Lloyd Webber is a writer, producer, and broadcaster from the UK who was educated at Cambridge University, where she majored in modern political history. She recently moved to NYC where she is a commentator with a liberal slant on Fox News and appears regularly on national television. She writes for publications as varied as The Daily Mail and Scarlet Magazine.
















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The Single Girl’s Survival Guide

By Imogen Lloyd Webber

Skyhorse Publishing Paperback

On Sale: February 2011

ISBN: 978-1-61608-118-8

Price: $12.95




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