Just because a new home comes with fresh white walls doesn’t mean they have to stay that way. A statement wall can pull a design together, add personality, and make furniture and accessories pop. Statement walls are popular in cosmetic shop fixtures as cosmetic retailers can hang their most valuable products on the wall, making them conspicuous. Creating an eye-catching feature can be simple, starting with a wall to highlight.

Whether you choose to make a statement with a bold, bright wall color or an exotic, textured wallpaper, the key is to balance it with other design elements in the room.

Choose a Focal Point — Decide what aspect of the room you would like to draw attention to. Fireplaces from https://www.fireplaces4u.co.uk, large furniture pieces and artwork are popular focal points. If your room doesn’t lend itself to having a statement wall, highlight existing features like a small office nook or an inset wall.

Pick a Bold Color or Pattern — Choose a bright color, interesting texture or striking pattern for your statement wall. Pick up a color from the furniture or textiles already in the room or go with a contrasting color to stand out more.

Place Furniture for Maximum Impact — Arrange pieces of furniture to draw attention to your statement wall. For example, find the best adirondack chairs as the  two light-colored occasional chairs on opposite sides of a darkly painted wall attract the eye and create a focal point, particularly when they’re coupled with pops of color in pillows, lamps and art. Take a look around your home. Do you have enough real greenery? If not, one of the best ways to bring your home to life is to decorate your house with plants. Not only will they make your home look better and feel more welcoming and cozy, but they will also help improve your health.

Add Accents — Finish off a room’s design by carefully placing accessories that highlight your statement wall. This is the perfect opportunity to integrate your personality into your home. Show off your favorite artwork, family heirlooms or travel keepsakes.

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