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I know, I know…there is always something needed or donated, but this is kind of important. My roommate works and lives in Joyland (zone 3) and does a lot of amazing works here..like providing free internet to the community and is working on a cell tower here as well as purchasing the properties and fixing them up and helping those in the community own a home. Well last night, a young kid that does work for him for extra money came by and got on the piano, and I was wowed…especially when I learned he had only played for 2 years and was self taught. He is very energetic and excited about playing and upon talking to him, he expressed how much he really wanted to learn more and even other instruments. He is so excited about music, even turning down playing sports to play. There are no music programs in the schools here, and honestly, the influence around him in the neighborhood isn’t the best to be had by a kid like him.

I really really want to be able to help this kid get to our music camp Pepperland Kids camp this summer, not only to get him around music and killer musicians teaching it, but to also have him around our positive group of kids, instructors and staff in nature and away from the streets here over the summer. I know times are very tough, but I feel that this could really benefit this kid in so many ways and give him a direction more positive than his surroundings. If anyone or a group of people could help me get up the cost of $1500 to attend the two weeks man it would be killer.

We strive to provide scholarships to as many as we can to come, but times are tough and so are the funds at camp…heck we need donations and more paying kids badly at camp in itself. Please get in touch with me if you can help in any way at all! The kid is awesome and trying to be on a right path! My email is kjames32@gmail.com .

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Remember we also have a showcasing of the kids and teachers on March 13 at Eddies Attic. Please come out and check it out, bring interested parents and kids or just fans or people interested in donating and sponsoring. Please share the info and poster if you can we really want to keep providing this camp for the kids!

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Lets keep these kids in music!

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