“The Doctor said that I was going to live. Well, he didn’t say that, but he didn’t indicate that I was going to die.”–Mikel K

“The world we have created is a product of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”–Albert Einstein

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful commited citizens can change the world – indeed it is the only thing that ever does.”–Margaret Meade

Changing the world could mean looking out for one another more than we currently do. One way of looking out for others, that is really easy to do, is to give blood.

I was walking the dogs, awhile ago, and I remembered hearing something about the blood supply being low, due to the recent storm. The Red Cross offices are located near my house; there is no reason for me not to go down there, and get pricked. I am no longer scared of needles,like I used to be for so many years. I am going to give blood, sometime this week,and I will, soon, bring back a report for you of the whole experience.


I love peanut butter on toast. I had two pieces of bread left; one I put in the toaster, and the other I thought about breaking in half, and throwing to the dogs, who were gathered near, expecting something to be thrown to them. I didn’t give the bread to the dogs, though; I saved it for myself, and I soon ate it, also, because the first piece of toast with peanut butter on it tasted so good. The dogs can’t always get what they want.

I love the dating adds on Face Book. There seems to be a dating service for every social, and economic, group among us. One ad recently asked, “Do you want to date beautiful women that are looking for successful men? Join Meeting Millionaires today. Hey, I’m going to join this one, right away. I am successful. Broke, but successful. Did you know that there are also so many hot females online that just want sex on the adult dating sites? It’s just amazing as you can find so many hot and horny females near you!


I Need A Rich Girl

I need a rich girl
to drive my deceased car
to the unemployment line,
so that I can get food stamps,
and avoid a job.

I need a pill that will fill me up,
not with envy.
I need a pill that will make me
feel friendly, not want to kill

I need a friend
in these united states of isolation,
where even hell’s angels are afraid
to hitchhike,

where thinking outside the norm
could land you in jail.

I need a reason to go on living,
and I think that my children will do.

==Mikel K


Yoga class, tonight, was challenging, and interesting. I almost did a full back bend for the first time in my life. I am amazed how Yoga is teaching me to do things that I could never do before, how to do things that I thought were impossible for me to do. I give thanks to my teacher, and to all her teachers, and to all the teachers who taught the teachers who taught the teachers all the way down the line to the beginning of it.

I just had the last of this batch of chili for lunch. I can’t wait until I make the next batch. I am a home made chili addict. The dogs want to walk. Whoever said that you were your dogs’ master? I am their humble servant.

My cAT, Kobain, is puking up hairballs in the hallway, while, after their walk, my dogs, Morisson and Bundy make loud noises chewing their hard dog food. It is a bit rainy out; I’m wondering what kind of a day we are in for, weather wise, but I am not driven enough to search out a weather report.


K Pics Below: Top Row Left: Out for my Daily Walk with Bundy, Morisson, and Henry the great Great Dane. Middle: K in Athens by Art Linton Right: Kobain, the cat, and Morisson, the dog, share pasta. Bottom Row: K with grandson Elliot, about a year ago. Elliot turned 3 on Jan. 26. Middle: Buy a copy of Mikel K’s stunning memoir, “The Delivery Guy,” won’t you? Right:K about a year and a half ago doing Triangle Pose, at an undisclosed Decatur, Ga. Mansion.


I was all happy because my daughter, Scout, called and wanted me to bring her a home made lunch; I have learned to grab onto these small moments of seeing her, being the busy teenager that she is. Do you know what she said to me, when I handed her the lunch? She said, “I have to hurry; I’m late for class!!” They grow up so faaaaaaaaaast!

I was wide awake at 4:14 a.m., this morning,so I went with it, and got up, and I have been writing. This time of the day really is pure for writing. There are so few distractions, because the world is still asleep. Bundy has figured out that the new bed is his. He loves it. I love Bundy, in spite of himself. I m trying to get a pic of him on it, but every time I stand, he comes running to me

Leave your shoes at the door

Leave your shoes at the door,
to keep germs out, was a suggestion,
that I read, tonight, on the internet.

What if you have more than one pair?
What if you have a hundred or so pairs;
should you build an outdoor patio for your shoes?

Jan. 2007


Probably not, but

What if the devil
was god, and god
was the devil,

and what if everything
that they ever taught
you was a lie?

Dec. 2007


The Unemployment Office is schizophrenic; they sent me 2 letters saying that my unemployment would be extended to State Benefits, & yesterday, I got one that said that I was being cut off. Since it is such short notice, I will probably have to let my internet, & cell phone go, in the short run, until I find a job. Anyone who can help me with some Tip Jar money for the electric bill, & food would be most appreciated.

K Tip Jar: http://www.mikelk.com/


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