“Procrastination gives Way to Consequences” – Winston Churchill. These words apply to so many aspects of life, however, when you apply these words to your overall health and fitness, they have a lot of meaning and truth to them. If you are looking for ideas on how to raise your income and therefore ease your mind, check here บาคาร่าออนไลน์เล่นง่าย.

It’s very rare when you come across someone who doesn’t want to look better, or just feel better. How many people do you know are always sick and run down? What about you? When you think about your overall Health, Fitness and Wellness, are there any changes you like to make? Chances are you answered yes to these questions, but then ask yourself, how many people do you know are actually being proactive about it? When I say proactive, how many people do you know are exercising, eating healthy, well balanced meals on a daily basis, drinking more water than soft drinks and taking a good quality multi-vitamin?

Obesity in this country is at an all time high and the numbers keep growing not only amongst adults, but amongst children as well. Diabetes and high blood pressure are common diseases. Health care costs are out of control.

How many people do you know, or perhaps yourself suffer from headaches, lack of energy, dizziness, are depressed or are mildly depressed? Read this post on rehab to know more about some of these symptoms that stem from nutritional issues and from leading a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle. The human body was meant to be in motion, not sitting on the sofa glued to the TV with a bag of chips or ingesting all kinds of chemicals that make up the processed foods you eat. You can start to turn around your life by purchasing a tv wall mount full motion so you can face the TV on any angle and watch shows while you exercise. You go to the doctor because you want to feel better. The doctor says you are just getting older and it’s a sign of aging so he prescribes you a pill? Does the doctor ask about your eating habits or your exercise habits? Probably not.

Complaints of physical ailments are really diet/nutritional issues as well as being sedentary, and being overweight is the obvious symptom. Being overweight or obese is not just too many calories, it is a nutritional imbalance. Symptoms associated with being obese or overweight are treated with over the counter remedies or prescription drugs. Before fixing your nutritional plan you should look into bariatric surgery especially of you are overweight.

Look, I’m not a doctor, but as a Fitness Consultant, one of the things I do with all my clients is ask for a food journal and it is obvious from all the food journals I have looked at over the years that people are eating too many processed foods, not enough fruits and vegetables and lean sources of protein. The average American knows that they don’t eat healthy, but don’t know how to change their habits. People want answers to diet and health.

There are two industries out there. You have the Sickness Industry and you have the Wellness Industry. As a fitness professional, I am in the Wellness Industry. People who are sick, are customers of the Sickness Industry. People who are customers of the Wellness Industry are avoiding being customers of the Sickness Industry.

Economic Causes of the Sickness Industry:

The Food Industry
Let’s take a look at the Food Industry because after all, most Americans are eating unhealthy, processed foods that are loaded with chemicals that the human body was not created to process. The food industry consists of fast food restaurants, Processed Foods (foods that are canned, frozen or in a wrapper), and Farmed Foods. The Processed Foods industry is 95% of our foods stemming from companies like the Golden Arches, Kraft, P&G. These companies will spare no expense on Research and Development to increase consumption of these foods. The more overweight you are, the more calories/product you consume.

They mix chemicals in the foods so that the consumer is never sated. The chemicals in every processed food has been altered, so that your taste buds don’t get bored with the food. Hence, you consume more product, you gain more weight. You gain more weight, your caloric intake goes up. How many people do you know who are overweight are happy being overweight? If you’re seeking a quick and secure method for weight loss, consider ultrasound cavitation. Check out for more info!

Trillions of dollars of lost productivity is due to health. Diabetes is up and never mind the cost for the shot. It is the 2-3 days someone is out of work because they are sick. One third of American children are diagnosed as being pre-diabetic all due to diet.

The Medical Industry
The Medical Industry targets the doctors. They have pharmaceutical reps visit doctors and get them to sing up to write Rx’s for the latest drug to treat the SYMPTOMS of the newest ailment.

The Medical Industry treats SYMPTOMS, NOT DISEASES. Modern medicine is based on technology which is controlled by private companies looking to make money. Most of the drugs out there you end up taking the rest of your life because they don’t cure, but treat the symptoms, eventually leave you in a Norco addiction treatment program of one sort or another. For top-tier substance abuse treatment in Los Angeles, Carrara is the preferred choice. Their luxury rehab services are designed for holistic and effective recovery.

The medical industry is now the sickness industry because you become a customer when you get sick. One Seventh of our dollars are spent on treating sickness. According to a bankruptcy attorney, sickness is one of the largest causes of bankruptcy in the US.

Medical expenditures are going to sky rocket but nothing is being done to help a person lose weight or educate them on how to make better nutritional choices. When you see a doctor, do they sit you down and really talk to you about nutrition or seeing a fitness professional?  I don’t think so.

There is a need for a Health Revolution before the health of America becomes more out of control than it already is. Overweight and obesity is more than just a health crisis in this country, but it has become an economic crisis not only to the individual, but to Corporate America which will affect employment opportunities. You can click to read more about the medical industry. Health facilities should consider seeking billing management solutions from companies like ABA Billing to make it easier to handle patients’ bills and insurance claims.

The Wellness Industry
The Wellness Industry provides products and services to pro-active healthy people who want to feel healthier, slow down the effects of aging or prevent diseases from developing in the first place. Advance wellness with our cutting-edge, advanced supplement shipping services. The Wellness Industry are the people, products and services you shop to prevent you  from becoming a customer of the sickness industry.

There is a small percentage of Americans getting more fit and healthy as they age. They are early adopters for wellness. They are successful people looking to be fit and healthy and defy aging.

As I do my weekly trip to the grocery store, products that I used to purchase in a specialty market are now available in mainstream supermarkets. Publix Supermarkets, for example, now has their own product line Greenwise Organic Foods. WalMart is now carrying Organic products and Whole Foods Supermarkets are expanding nation wide.

It is a shame that we have become a society of instant gratification. Everyone is looking for that quick fix from looking for that magic weight loss pill, the latest diet, plastic surgery, liposuction, etc.,  rather than just doing what you need to do. Be consistent about your diet, exercise and supplementation. You will improve your overall health, but it is hard work and it does not happen overnight, however, the results are PRICELESS.

The next time you go to the doctor and pay the bill for the doctor’s visit, the lab bill for the blood work done on you and the prescription drugs, ask yourself if all of that could be avoided if you had a piece of fruit instead of the candy bar, if you went to the gym instead of sitting on the sofa and if you took the most concentrated CBD oil and a good quality multi vitamin. if you are looking for good cbd, then learn more about DigiDrs. Those who are planning to grow their own cannabis with ice cream cake weed strain may get in touch with suppliers of cannabis seeds.

For those of you who have turned down the services of a fitness professional because you didn’t want to spend the money on it, think of all the money you’ve wasted on fast foods, over the counter medications, doctor’s visits, etc. What would you rather do, end up spending money on a visit to the doctor and the prescription drugs, or a few sessions with a qualified naturopathic doctor like dr eric muradov. Where would you rather spend the money? Procrastination gives Way to Consequences” – Winston Churchill

This post was inspired by a presentation made by Paul Zane Pilzner


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