Question for Week 4.

Do you prescribe supplements, vitamins, cleansing, protein shakes, diuretics, or metabolism boosting products? Do we need more nutrients than what food can provide?

The only thing I prescribe is mindfulness in all we do. There is no one-size fits-all diet or pill, which is why we must consider lifestyle. As to nutrients, food industry research has confirmed that most of our produce is “anemic”, or lacking in proper nutrients. Food is only as healthy as the soil it grows in and when it is harvested – so that commercial fertilizers, depleted soil, and climate change all contribute to vitamin drain in the food we eat. Then there are the new genetically modified foods (GMOs), which are virtual vitamin-less.

Suggesting a vitamin or supplement involves an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation because there are many factors at play here. Including, gender and age, how much fruit and vegetables are eaten daily, how much dairy or calcium products, how much alcohol is consumed, how much exercise and for how long, if one has a stressful job, or if one smokes or inhales chemicals or smog. Then one’s family medical history needs be known, and what medicines are currently being taken (over the counter or prescribed). So many factors are involved because each of us are individuals, with different histories, diets, outlooks, circumstances and the like.

Yet another consideration is that most vitamins contain synthetic elements and compounds, and even those made in the laboratory can be labeled ‘natural’. Further, some of these synthetic and/or ‘natural’ vitamins contain elements the body simply does not need; or worse, deplete the body of vital nutrients and so overtax the kidneys before excreting them. So again, one size does not fit all, which is why multi-vitamins – though convenient – may cause the body to work too hard, or for the vitamins to flush through the system with no benefit at all (or an ill effect).

This is why I prescribe mindfulness – know your body and you know yourself.

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