“She’s just impossible to work with,” Robert said in describing Debbie.

Meanwhile, Debbie told a colleague, “Don’t give me an assignment that puts me on Robert’s team. We’ve got a personality conflict you wouldn’t believe.”

Sounds like an impossible situation? Maybe, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s why: instead of experiencing a traditional “personality conflict” Robert and Debbie probably are not familiar with their own preferred communication styles, much less the other person’s predominant style.

This brief video shows how the DISC System of Personal Style analysis can rescue this relationship. You’ll note that the video explains:


The benefits DISC will bring to you and your company
The four major communication styles
Why there is no right or wrong style
Why every organization needs all four communication styles
That the DISC Survey is not a test
How I can administer the DISC Survey online for you
Your next step–contacting me by e-mail or phone

Through understanding DISC, you can accomplish even more than working successfully with “difficult people.” You will improve sales, customer service, media relations, and other external priorities. Amazingly, what you learn from DISC will even benefit your family communication.

So after you watch the video, take action immediately. That means NOW.

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