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Legendary, Genre-Bending Band,
Poi Dog Pondering, Set to Release
Everybody’s Got A Star,
September 18th!

Poi Dog Pondering “All Saints Ascension” (Cleared to Post)

“Impossible to categorize, the joyful music of Poi Dog Pondering is truly transcendent.”
“Poi Dog has sometimes gotten a bad rap from critics looking to have their hip card punched….The musical communication between these players and the newer members springs from the pure joy of playing together”. – MICHAEL CORCORAN

“The Poi Dog sound happens because of the real and deep connection between the players, which shows in how they listen to one another in performance. The fact that most of them have been doing just that for two decades only increases the power of community they bring to the stage.” – NO DEPRESSION

30 years on, 15 band members deep & an Ocean in-between; Poi Dog Pondering continue to thrive & evolve on their 8th full length album entitled Everybody’s Got A Star. Their unique signature ‘Acous-tronic’ blend of orchestral, rock and dance music influences, shine through with PDP’s ever present irreverence to stylistic conformity.
Everybody’s Got A Star is an unapologetic off-road venture, a Joy Ride recalling the vibe of 80’s/90’s Night Club DJs adventurous enough to careen from one genre to the next, with a slight membrane of madness to the method.
“Growing up in Honolulu, Hawai’i, we really only had one good Live Music/Disco/ Club; The Wave. It was a Punk Rock/New Wave Club from 9 to 2am, then a Gay Disco from 2am to 4am. Everybody mixing it up & having fun. You could hear everything from Iggy Pop’s “Lust for life”, to Loose Joints “Is it all over my face”. I’m super thankful for that eclecticism. Music for dancing is like an elliptical orbit, it’s always around me, but sometimes it swings in real close and sweeps me along full force for a while.
For me… this record is about; Following the spark, trusting instincts & dreaming forward. I got bored of the discussion that song writers and musicians always seem to gather around like moths… “is it a good enough song?” “Does it need a bridge?” “Does it need a stronger chorus?” … that whole topic… It just locks everything up into a navel gazing dry spell. I wanted to get back to the bearing that proceeded in the direction of, “if it excites you, follow it. That’s reason enough”.
The thought that kept running through my head while working on this album in my recording studio, was… “Let the song’s be what ever they wanna be / let the album be what ever it want’s to be. Realize each idea, & keep moving”. – Frank Orrall
Fall Dates
September 12•Valparaiso Popcorn Festival (Valparaiso, IN)
October 03•Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Fest (San Francisco, CA)
October 16•Vic Theater (Chicago, IL)
October 17•Vic Theater (Chicago, IL)
October 18•Vic Theater (Chicago, IL)
October 23•City Winery (Nashville, TN)
October 24•Blueberry Hill (Duck Room) (St. Louis, MO)

Poi Dog Pondering keeps thriving because their ethic has always been about following their musical heart. Their steadfast independence has allowed them to perennially bloom. From bohemian street buskers to impossible to market major label sacrificial lambs, to hard won autonomy with their own record label; Poi dog pondering have ripened into staunchly independent musical voyagers. They have let every sound that excited them flow through their music and flood it with ever changing colors: Orchestral, Acoustic and Electronic textures. Rock Band Disco, Chicago Stepper Soul & their unique ‘Soul Sonic Orchestra’ Sound. (Threaded all along the way with ‘heart on the sleeve’ lyrics that embrace the beauty and pain of everyday life).
30 years down the line there is a bolstered sense of history within the band now. A swagger that comes from having steadfastly carved their own path. It is quite apparent that PDP has always been, and ever will be, in-it-for-the-love-of-it; creating and performing. Line up changes are par for the course. PDP is an organic entity, it changes like life does. But there is a core with strong roots & deep personal history, open to new ears and ready to experiment. That’s what keeps it vibrant.

Artist: Poi Dog Pondering
Album: Everybody’s Got A Star
Release Date: September 18, 2015
Label: Platetectonic Music01. Equatorial
02. The Turning
03. When I Wake In The Morning
04. Burnin’ Higher
05. Everybody’s Got A Star
06. Electron Flux
07. In Comes The Night (Discothéque)
08. All Around (8fatfat8 remix)
09. All Saints Ascension
10. Dream Onward Angel
11. Stepper’s Delight
12. Let Love
13. If I Were Music

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