“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”–Henry David Thoreau

“And women…”–Mikel K

“You cannot expect a man to feel guilty about reneging on principles to which he was never committed in the first place.”
–The New York Times writing about Mick Jagger, who always saw rock and roll, and his lyrics, as theater, and not as means for overthrowing anything.

Mick Jagger in the NY Times

There’s nothing going on at 2 a.m. but this music that I am listening to. The caffeine has me by the balls, and is not going to let me sleep. I slugged two large cups of it, last night. It went down like the pint of blackberry brandy did when I was sixteen, and on my way to my first high school dance.

I was nervous about mingling with the ladies, and I wanted to fortify my courage. We were moving late to the dance, me and the pack that I was running with, so this one fellow in the pack said, “Get Blackberry Brandy instead of beer, it will go down easy, and give you a killer buzz.”

Killer was right. I went from slugging that brandy to puking out everything inside me in one of the stalls in a school bathroom. Someone tried to push the door in on me, and I pushed the door back. Then I was in front of the truant officer, and he was asking me my name, and address. I told him my name, but lied about my address. I begged him to not knock on the door, and narc me out to my parents, and he looked me straight in the eye and said he would not. But he did, or he tried to, but he wasn’t at my house; he was on a street knocking on the door of a house about ten miles north of the one that I lived in.

Shortly after he got out of the car, so did I. I stumbled far enough to be out of the truant officer’s eyesight, and I passed out underneath a tree in the back of somebody’s yard. Later, I was informed that I had hit The High School Principal in that bathroom…

What happened next? Stay tuned to The Daily K to find out.

The moon is full, as bright as a white girl after winter who has seen no sun for months. It is round as a half dollar; bright, and beautiful. The moon is amazing; I really should spend more time gazing at it, but I’m usually asleep when the moon is at work. It is about to fully eclipse, and won’t do so again until 2014. There is a reason for everything in this existence, and the reason that I overdosed on coffee, tonight, was not only because the coffee was so fucking good, but because my higher power wanted my eyes in the sky at 3:14 a.m.

I’ve got a half hour to kill until this beautiful event occurs. I have woken the dogs. Bundy is lapping down water, like it was gin and he was an alcoholic putting drinks on a company credit card; and Morisson is scratching himself furiously, like I sometimes do. We both have skin conditons. Pray for us, will you?

It is hard to believe that in six minutes that the bright and bold moon that is right now shining down on this earth will be blotted out by the sun. It is something right out of the old Twighlight Zone tv show, is it not?

I stood outside, in the cold, until about twenty till four, and there was no eclipse. Then I got a message from Sam Humenik apologizing because it was tomorrow, and not today, when the eclipse would occur. The dogs thought that I was crazy; (possibly they knew that I was a day ahead of myself?) They had their noses pressed to the glass in the door, and were watching my every move. There is going to be no lunar eclipse, dummy, they were probably thinking.

The movie, Blood Reign, has officially grabbed the attention of a massive distributor which does a lot of theatrical releases as well as DVD internationally. The movie Blood Reign is, now, officially on their watch list for distribution.

Blood Reign Synopsis: Two detectives from separate worlds, attempt to keep their personal feelings aside, but get drawn even closer together as the chase for a ruthless serial killer ensues…some things never appear as they seem.

Person who has a speaking role in the movie, Blood Reign: Mikel K. I’l see you at The Premier!

An email from singer-songwriter Anthony Smothers:


I hope this email finds you well. Let me first wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. As always, it is hard to believe that another year has gone by, I am starting to truly realize what my parents use to always say, as you get older the years seem go by much faster.

Secondly, I would like to thank you for all of your support this year. We saw our music move up to number 16 on the charts, and it stayed there for several months, and you made that possible.

It truly warms my heart to know that my God given gift is being enjoyed by so many. My latest song is almost ready to be released. The title of the new song is ” First Sight ” .This song is a testimony to my Lord and Savior and the amazing Grace that has been bestowed upon me, and everytime I look into the eyes of my beautiful wife I am reminded of this.The song features Scott Patton on guitar and Sean O’rourke on drums. My good friend Bruce Bennet has done an excellent job with the engineering, and He is completeing the final touches now. We are hoping to have the song ready for release just after the first of the year.

So as we wind we down to the end of another year, I hope this holiday brings you much joy in whatever fashion you celebrate in your home.

Keep The Faith
Anthony Lee Smothers

Check out the music of Anthony Smothers
And when you are done listening to Anthony, turn yourself onto the wonderful, wonderful music of Cyndi Craven. Cyndi is soulful, intelligent, beautiful in heart, and soul to listen to. She is also a Cat Woman! Check her out at: Cyndi Craven Music

I heard a loud crash in the night; it occurred right around the time when the full lunar eclipse would have been happening, and for a brief second, as I sat upright in my bed in the dark, I thought that, maybe the world was ending.

This morning I found my printer on the ground. My cat, Kobain, had knocked it over. Kobain likes to sit on my printer, and to this point, I had let him, seeing no harm in it. The days of Kobain relaxing on my printer are, however, over; I have set a stack of my favorite books on the printer to keep the cat off. Funny the adventures that your animals will take you on.

The hallway to my bathroom was covered in dog poop, this morning, as I thought that it might be. My dogs will only poop in one certain place, a place that is 3/4’s of the way around the block, and yesterday was a busy day, so I didn’t get to take them around the block. Did I say, “one certain place?” Well, there are two certain places, 3/4’s of the way around the block, and in the hallway leading to the bathroom. One of the cats upchucked at the foot of my bed, also. This little zoo of mine is high maintenance.

Coming up in The Daily K: What’s love got to do with it; should you give your heart to someone after you’re dead, and, possibly, an interview with Art Linton, if I can track the elusive singer-songwriter down. Peace and Love. Peace and Love, and Happy Holidays, whichever one you celebrate: Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, or Festivus!!

May God’s Love be with you.
Mikel K

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