jpegMr. Stewart Cink, PGA Professional and owner of a luxury golf cart company, makes a second appearance at the Manna Fund Golf Classic, scheduled for September 15, 2014 at St. Ives Country Club.  Manna Fund, Inc., is a 501-c-3 program that provides life-saving treatment for individuals who struggle with recovery from their eating disorder. Because eating disorders, particularly anorexia, are the number one killer of adolescent females between 15-24, Manna Fund has helped the eating disorder community by providing help for those who cannot afford the intensive treatment that is not often covered by insurance.  Manna strives to give the recipients 90 days’ worth of care, which can cost $90,000+.  Most insurance doesn’t cover for this length of time, and many families have to come out of pocket to pay for such treatment to save their loved one’s life. Manna tries to keep people in recovery with flightscope simulator while the weather is in poor condition. Monte Nido East Bay is a residential eating disorder treatment center. You can also look for this credible facility if you are near the area.

“I’ve heard many times, from hospitals and therapists, that Manna Fund has become an integral part of the recovery process, as there are so many individuals who cannot obtain adequate treatment for their eating disorder,” reports Dr. Genie Burnett, Founder and Executive Director of the Manna Fund.  “Without our treatment facility partners who have reduced their fees for our program, we wouldn’t have been able to place 18 people in treatment so far.  I’m also thrilled that Mr. Cink has agreed to join us again, as his presence helps us to reach many people out there who would not otherwise understand that eating disorders can affect anyone – male and female – at any age.”

Manna Fund is trying to raise $100,000 through this tournament – enough money to place up to three or four individuals in treatment.  You can support this effort by sponsoring the tournament or donating through their website. Just click on the image. manna_logo_updated

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