Lighter Breeze Charters feature inshore fly and light tackle fishing trips with Captain Hunter Allen. The inshore waters around Charleston and surrounding Lowcountry areas are home to a myriad of species. Whether you are a fly tournament angler or a novice wanting to bend the rod, Cap’n Hunter takes pride in providing calm, informative and entertaining trips in search of plentiful Redfish, Speckled Trout, Flounder, Tarpon, or other assorted game fish.

Baitcasting is the term used when you’re casting a fishing rod using a baitcast reel. A baitcast reel sits on top of the rod so the spool is parallel to the rod, rather than perpendicular like the spincast reel. Experienced anglers will use their thumb to brake and control the line as they are casting. If you are looking for one, this baitcasting reel under 200 is the best one you will find.

Captain Hunter Allen of Lighter Breeze Charters

“Starting this coming week, the waxing moon will bring high tides that we look forward to every month to chase the reds in the short grass marshes,” said Cap’n Hunter in his August Fishing Report. “It’s already been a great tailing season thus far, but the next two months are prime time and I’m optimistic that the fishing will be stellar.  With the high numbers of shrimp inshore right now, the flats and creeks around low tide, are beginning to light up with reds waking, tailing and sipping shrimp under birds.” Another great place to do fishing is in this site, try to experience it yourself.

Try looking for new pontoons online, there are plenty of options out there. There is also a large number of boats for sale on Zeboats. These are the boats that have been seized by the government for a variety of reasons and are now being put up for resale. This is your chance to buy one of these boats and to get some of your money back as well as to own a boat that you didn’t have to pay top dollar for. And if you’re looking for boat supplies, have a look at this site.

Trip Rates:

Half Day (4-5hr): $350

3/4 Day (6 hr): $450

Full Day (8-9hr): $550

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